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  1. I entered the year expecting 2020 to be a throwaway year... Knowing that they have so many picks and so much cap, I expect this year to be a year about figuring out what they needed for 2021 and beyond. The COVID pandemic kind of made this year even better as far as growing goes. Probably the best start to a rebuild I've ever seen outside of LA and San Francisco.
  2. I get what you're saying. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes the RG3/Haskins comparison. The way you put it is perfect... I take it even further sometimes and this kind of vibes with something I believe @httr2020dynasty said earlier. It's hard to not root for the bamma. It does seem like he fits what most have wanted to see from a QB. Even down to the way he operates both on and off the field. He has to fix his accuracy issues. When our eyes and the numbers match, it shows you that it's something that he's awful at right now.
  3. And this is why I'm kind of panicking about Haskins. Mentally, he seems to be able to make the right play most of the time, it's his execution that isn't progressing. I would love to blame the rest of the pieces around him but even when everything looks right, more often than not, he's off. I said in the first four games we should see something from him that'll comfort whatever fears we have with him. Starting to think he may need a few extra more games to fairly critique but this next game is huge for him. I'm not tripping off the defense giving up 30 points. It was just a horr
  4. I'll take the layup... Chandler Jones and Jon "Bones" Jones
  5. Everyone keeps saying this but I think fans are underselling just how important it was for THIS team to beat a vulnerable team. Especially having to come back from double-digits to do it. It may not lead to a winning season but it'll keep the season interesting I'd like to believe.
  6. This year may set a record for forgotten drafts... I thought I forgot our draft in the ESL2 League only to realize it's tonight. Smh...
  7. Last year I did ten... Said I'll never do it again. Ended up in eleven. Had to leave two just be cause. lol
  8. They signed two running backs in Free Agency... I was thinking it was going to be weird if they cut Barber ( and I think it was multi-year contract too). I'm not surprised he was cut but I am a bit blown. Thought he'd stay here as one of the "trusty vets". Oh well... It is what it is...
  9. Geesh, I thought I was the only one feeling kind of meh about Fantasy Football this summer. Where's everyone? There's one spot left in the free ExtremeSkins 2 League, it's our ninth season! Link to join the league First come, first serve. Draft is Tuesday September 8th at 9:30PM.
  10. Very rarely did I think a team was better than Washington over the last few years. I did believe the team was SEVERELY and CONSISTENTLY out-coached and/or out-schemed... Here lies my problem... If the former and latter is true, the team could shock the world and actually win 11 games this year. If only the latter is true, I think the team will win 6 games. Truth is probably in the middle. 9-7 for the 2020 season.
  11. Bruh... Thomas Bryant snapped from three to end the half. He's four for five from three You see the charge after that last three? Dude was hyped
  12. Bruh... I want absolutely NO parts of anything like that. I'm good.
  13. Both... I guess during this quarantine, I’m going to find out how much tree I can smoke and how much sex I can have.
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