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  1. CrypticVillain

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    I was watching that game, forgot who it was against. As soon as he got 30, he was out. I'm a little impressed, but just like everyone says, it's not sustainable...
  2. CrypticVillain

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    They just said at one point, Duke had a 0.1% chance to win.
  3. CrypticVillain

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Bruh... Zion is so good, he got me cheering for Duke this year. Are y'all watching this collapse by Louisville? They're about to mrss around and lose by double digits.
  4. CrypticVillain

    Reuben Foster vs the Flag

    I never worry about any job I've been, because I've been good at most of them... And the ones I weren't good at, I knew I could lose it at any time. So, why worry? Real talk though... You probably don't know like some on here, but I'm a thirty year old Black male from DC. Bruh... I am Kapernick. You think I'm not pissed about the police brutality in this country? The injustice? Man, the ONLY people that's EVER pointed a gun in my face has been THE POLICE! ... Just like I know not every cop is a bad cop, I know not every situation is the same. It's a better play to sign Kareem Hunt in February than it was to sign Kapernick in November. Crazy part in all of this, I feel like now would be the time to test the waters on Kapernick. If I was the GM, I'd float the idea out there to a media member to taste the waters and go from there.
  5. CrypticVillain

    Random Thought Thread

    You gotta see some young pics of Jay... They do favor each other a little.
  6. CrypticVillain

    Random Thought Thread

    Anyone been to Bermuda??
  7. CrypticVillain

    Random Thought Thread

    With the same father? Me and my brother don't look a like, but we have different Mom's... Both of us are over 6'3" though. (My Pops was like 6'6" I think.)
  8. CrypticVillain

    71 posts in 19 years. I guess I need to post more often!

    My condolences...
  9. CrypticVillain

    Reuben Foster vs the Flag

    I can't believe I'm being pulled back into this, but the truth is definitely in the middle... Yes, people have misunderstood from the start what Kap was protesting, why he was protesting, and who instructed him to protest. Unfortunately, and it sounds crazy that I'm even saying this, but the moment Kap wore those Pig Socks... His career in the NFL was in jeporady. Why? It was just enough ammunition to use that he does hate the police. (I told you it would sound crazy. Smh...) And yes, if I'm a GM, I probably wouldn't sign Kapernick because of the backlash, even though I know the point of what he's doing, I also have to worry about my job. (What would the Redskins have gained last year by signing him?) It is sad that Kap is being blackballed for whatever petty reason you can think of, but just because he's in the situation he's in, doesn't mean that I'm going to say that Kareem Hunt shouldn't be allowed to play. It's kind of apple and oranges.
  10. CrypticVillain

    Reuben Foster vs the Flag

    Facts... How the heck did I miss this? lol
  11. CrypticVillain

    The alliance of American football

    Shoot, I think after reading this thread, I know I have to watch and I know I have to root against Orlando. I feel like this is my chance to be a front-runner. I want to root for the team that wins a lot. I feel like I deserve that. FML if the team that wins is Orlando. Smh..
  12. CrypticVillain

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I forgot we were even playing today, I wanted to hear Doris Burke call our game... Not anymore.
  13. CrypticVillain

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I am happy that Otto is gone. It will benefit him and the Wizards. But Bruh... I can't take Ernie being here for another rebuild. It's been almost seventeen years... At this point you HAVE TO change for changes sake.
  14. CrypticVillain

    Random Thought Thread

    Facts... Had a similar thought when I read it. Seriously though, Facebook really reveals just how ruthless the world can be... Then you throw in some form on anonymity, and it's on. lol I miss y'all bammas...
  15. CrypticVillain

    Budget Fight (Trump Mantle / Border Security Shutdown))

    What are the pros and cons of this plan?