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  1. If I see Scott Brooks in the streets, I'm swinging. No hesitation.
  2. Didn't know he was that banged up still... That sucks. Anyway... I think seeing Haskins, Allen, Smith, and Heinicke should give us an idea of what type of QB could produce in this offense. I could be wrong but I think the system is as fool-proof as an NFL system could realistically be. With Haskins, he was awful but even with horrible decision making, he still found a way to look okay at times. Smith was sooooo limited in this offense, but even he found a way to run it despite his limitations. Heinicke and Allen ran it the best because they know it the best; it
  3. Man, I think their plan is to go after Dak. That's why they haven't pulled the trigger on any trades. I'd be shocked if they made a QB at QB before Dallas tags Dak. If they don't tag him, I think he's coming to DC.
  4. The similarities are too close... Which is why I'm hoping 2021 is not like 2006. But that's for a different thread.
  5. My favorite thing is that they're killing right now and they're missing arguably one of the better players in the unit (stats-wise). Ioannidis is like a hidden character that gets unlocked next year.
  6. I don't understand how anyone could come to any conclusion other than this. See if you can trade for Stafford or some other QB, (Ryan... Rodgers???) and draft a QB you REALLY like It doesn't necessarily have to be the best one you like.
  7. The more I hear about it the more I'm convinced that it's not part of the trade.
  8. Last night, I was pissed about the trade. Now that I know that pick is lottery protected, it's a W for the Wizards. I don't like how it went down but it is what it is... Damn... Guess it's time to change the title of the thread too.
  9. I missed the Week 17 Dallas game last year... There was a buzz about Sweat after the game. I finally watched it (in April ). Dude was a maniac that game. They even stole a sack from him on Presscott. I felt like that with so much attention being paid to Young, that Sweat would have a good season. But not even I expected Troy Aikman to say he'll be one of the greats on that pick-six. That was crazy to hear.
  10. Because people get too emotionally attached to players and since some feel like Haskins didn't get a fair shot, they'll complain about it. You still have bammas complaining about RG3 and Cousins... So you KNOW they're going to have something to say about Haskins. At the end of the day though... In today's NFL, if this is on your scouting report: You can't play QB in this league and be successful. And it sucks because he did look better towards the end of the year. But I saw him play more like he did in the first three quarters of the Lions game instead of looking like the QB i
  11. Bust. With all the money he's getting paid, the fact that HE is a BIG part of the miscommunication issues in the secondary is enough to label him one. I miss Nicholson and Swearinger
  12. That's the thing though... I don't think anyone was looking for significant improvement. Let's face it, the bamma started to regress. The Haskins I saw the first four weeks of the season wasn't giving me the vibes that I got towards the end of the year. Sure, he was in a new system with new coaching but he wasn't connecting on simple stuff. Now, seeing how he's acting after being benched, I don't care if he had a raw deal, that's a trash look on his part and to me shows that the coaching staff made the best decision for the team, unfortunately.
  13. Even I've been around this mugg for over fifteen years now. Still blown Tailgate posts stopped counting. I should have well over 10K now.
  14. He did? Other than that handoff to Peterson, I can't remember one drive where Sanchez led the team to a TD. Before the season, I said Haskins had four games to show us something. After the second game, I thought that four games was too quick... I still think it was too quick but whatever. lol
  15. I could be upset but I'm not... This season was pointless from the start... COVID just made it that much more pointless to me. This team wasn't doing much. No point in getting upset at anything this year. And this is just as much as Haskins' fault as anyone else's. Even with all the BS he had around him both on and off the field... He's the one that wasn't executing the most basic things and he continued to be noticeably inaccurate. It is what it is. Let Allen try, no one's expecting much more from him anyway.
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