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reason.com Republican Candidate Quiz (Which one is closest to your beliefs?)


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There were several where I wanted little to do with any answer and three where I flat out couldn't pick even one at all (like the religion one). Nonetheless, I been telling youse guys I want that crazy biatch. And I got her! what's awesome is along with Cain, I think she's the scariest one to imagine in office, and the worst actual whack-a-doodle.

Some of those choices were just scary to me (most of the "religious" ones for instance) but also others for sheer stupid--like the one mentioning Alaskans (gee, who would that have been).

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It said Perry for me. So I looked attheir cutout's for him, and heck if I didn't disagree with him on just about everything. How in the world are they matching things?

It's reason.com. It's a libertarian website, so the test naturally reflects their views.

Oh, and it was Johnson, then Huntsman for me.

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