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  1. First Colony

    Random Thought Thread

    I was on a jury when I lived in St. Louis that went on for over a week. It was two technology companies trying to determine if company "B" had copied technology from company "A" of had they changed it just enough to be considered new technology. It was VERY technical and boring. But here's the clincher-after listening to this for several days, we went to the jury room to deliberate and just as we were beginning, they came in and told us there had been a settlement and we weren't needed. ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME??? We had to sit and listen to that and NOW you settle? You couldn't have done that a week and a half ago?!? The judge gave us some spiel about how sometimes the lawyers read the jury and realize it's not going to go their way. Yeah, no kidding, but you couldn't have seen that a few days ago? Anyway, we all wished we could have at least had a say.
  2. First Colony

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Actually, the Nats are the only team in MLB history to accomplish that feat TWICE. They did it in 2017 when Brian Goodwin, Wilmer Difo, Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman went deep against the Brewers.
  3. First Colony

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Yeah, and if y'all don't know why he's had that nickname since he was a kid, that story is a doozy. Don't know Buzz personally, but that oh man PS-Sorry if I overstepped, Buzz. I'll delete if necessary.
  4. First Colony

    Random Thought Thread

    Exactly this. When I was weaning myself off of sodas, I realized that I missed the carbonation and, strangely enough the act of opening the can (yeah, that's weird, I know). So now it's La Croix. Never really worried about the all natural.
  5. First Colony

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Yes, I wasn't really clear as to what "her agenda" meant-other than him just being a misogynistic POS.
  6. First Colony

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I agree and that's the point. The Dems seem to be patting themselves on the back for being so much smarter than Trump but are drifting away from what used to be their base.
  7. First Colony

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    This is a very interesting article from the NY Times: Stories&pgtype=Homepage There’s No Boom in Youngstown, but Blue-Collar Workers Are Sticking With Trump Two things stood out to me: 1) In May 2016, David Betras, a Democratic Party leader in the heart of industrial northeast Ohio, sent a memo warning Hillary Clinton’s campaign that it was on the verge of losing Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan because she was not connecting with blue-collar voters. These states “should be easy wins for us,’’ he wrote. He said he got no answer. As he sees it now, Democrats are still just as out of touch. 2) “What I want from a president is the rest of the world to look at him and go, ‘Don’t mess with that guy, he will get even,’” Mr. Franks said one morning in the Yankee Kitchen in Vienna Township, Ohio. “I don’t want kinder, gentler. I don’t want some female that wants her agenda.” So, the fact that plants are closing and their taxes are higher doesn't matter. They see Trump as someone who can fight back even if it ****s them in the long run.
  8. First Colony

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    "Squat" I see what you did there.
  9. First Colony

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    If he goes to another team and has the same amount of success, he could always pull a Greg Maddux and have his plaque with no hat.
  10. First Colony

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    The media helps out with this to an extent. There's a great exchange on the show "Newsroom" about the media being "biased towards fairness". Sometimes there aren't two sides to a story, but the media feels that they need to present two sides. The example they gave is this: Biased toward fairness means that if the entire congressional republican caucus were to walk into the house and propose a resolution stating that the earth was flat, the "Times" would lead with "Democrats and Republicans can't agree on shape of earth. I feel that's where we are now.
  11. This!! I will elect you President if this is your platform. My boss's boss will come around and it's as if he's attended a seminar that told him to make meaningful connections. A comment I made over a year ago is fodder for conversation, or he does the sarcastic insult to prove we're buds. Dude, just let me work.
  12. My kids got lucky because our county (Powhatan) is shaped like either a fish or an arrowhead (depending on who you ask). So, they could place a dot within 50 miles if they just had a map of the counties. Friday night as we were watching the storms on the news, they were looking for the fish. Plus, I'm that geek that has framed maps hanging in the house. I used to teach geography to 8th graders and have always loved maps especially old ones that have different borders.
  13. First Colony

    Fixing the Republican Party (new material on pg 9)

    Useless without pics.
  14. First Colony

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    And they felt like they had to define urine, why?