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  1. First Colony

    ES Soccer Thread

    This is helpful. Thank you.
  2. First Colony

    ES Soccer Thread

    So after reading @Gibbs Hog Heaven 's post about the FA Cup, I have a question. Keep in mind this is coming from a noob. What do the teams value more, a Premier League Championship, FA Cup, EFL Cup, UEFA Championship, or the Europa League Championship? Since everything happens concurrently and I know Liverpool was upset that the replay happened during the Premier League "break", I was just wondering. Oh and #COYS!
  3. First Colony

    Is it weird to go to the movies by yourself?

    We used to sit around at work and read from "The Book of Questions". One of them was, "Would you rather go to a movie alone or eat at a restuarant alone?". For me, it was an easy answer-eat at a restuarant. Now that I'm older, I'm thinking my answer may be going to the movies alone for all of the reasons stated above.
  4. First Colony

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    DO NOT do the Braves. I don't want to know that players I look up to are dicks. Just let me have that.
  5. First Colony

    The Random Politics Thread

    I'm afraid it's not as cut and dried as this. I taught school for 11 years, and I was glad most of that was in VA where I was not forced to join the union (strongly encouraged, yes, but not forced). I felt that it was a bloated mess and I didn't want my dues going to endorse political candidates that I may not have agreed with. On a side note, I really disliked their recruitment tactics-basically it was "if you get accused of something with a minor, we'll provide a lawyer at no charge!"
  6. I started it last night and I'm completely on board. The look and feel of Star Wars without the dumb humor. Although when they were riding the creatures, it was a bit too much CGI.
  7. First Colony

    Random Thought Thread

    Disney doesn't own Fox Sports or Fox News. Those were separated when Disney bought the entertainment part of Fox-basically 20th Century Fox.
  8. First Colony

    Random Thought Thread

    You know, driving home last night, I was going back and forth in my head, "Did I type 'no one here' or no one gets...'? Which one, which one?" This was a way too long conversation with myself. I guess that beats the usual conversations, but yeah, you got me.
  9. First Colony

    Random Thought Thread

    "No one gets out of here alive"
  10. First Colony

    The Impeachment Thread

    I guarantee you that tonight on Fox they will be lauded as true patriots that are bringing transparency back to the government for the common citizen. It seems that if the Dems try to dispute that, it'll be, "See, they're hiding something". -sigh- I seriously don't know how you combat this.
  11. First Colony

    Worst Song Lyrics

    I remember when I was teaching school/coaching baseball in Alexandria and we were riding to a game. That song came on the radio and one of the players said he wanted it played at his wedding. Everybody just stared at him- "dude, do you know what it's about?"
  12. First Colony

    The Impeachment Thread

    I don't think this can be overstated. By saying it out loud and then with a shrug or a "so what?", it makes me question. I then start to think, "is it such a big deal?". And then I have to slap myself. I know that his supporters are feeling the same way. And if we do get to impeachment, It'll be them yelling, "so what?". I hate this.
  13. Started watching "Undone" on Prime. It's animated, but in such a way that some scenes look very real and not in a Pixar way either. A woman has a car crash and is visited by her dead father who died when she was 8. He is going to teach her how to travel through time so he can save her. It's a bit trippy. I like it so far, but my wife pointed out that her father seems like he's a user. (not drugs, but people). His "accident" occurred after he had to leave her in an unfamiliar neighborhood and now he's upending her life. Like I said, it's trippy. Maybe I need something to help me watch it.
  14. First Colony

    Random Thought Thread

    Probably just says something about me, to be honest.