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  1. My sister in Atlanta went back to work last week at the restuarant where she works. She was only responsible for one table througout the day so didn't make as much as usual. She wears a mask and gloves and isn't allowed to touch anything dirty-meaning if something has to be cleared, she has to ask one of the people responsible for that to do it.
  2. I have a serious question about ads. How effective are they? Meaning this: I think pretty much everyone has decided that Trump is an idiot or they've decided to blindly support him. We all know that he's bungled the COVID-19 response. Is an ad really going to change anyone's mind? If you see the ad, is that likely to sway you rather than the actual news coming out of DC? I agree that Biden can't be silent, but who are these ads for? Are there really people who are still undecided? This may sound snarky, but it's something I think about. I think there should be ads for down-ballot race
  3. One of the benefits of being over 50 is that I can lie to the retailers, "sorry, I don't have an e-mail address" and they believe me.
  4. @Springfield The New York Times breaks it out by county. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/virginia-coronavirus-cases.html?referringSource=articleShare
  5. Agreed since the two big nursing homes had severe outbreaks. And your point is well taken about rural counties. Here in Powhatan, we have had very few cases and being spread out naturally has something to do with it I think. What I don’t understand is why Virginia is so far behind in testing.
  6. Henrico county has 835 cases and 95 deaths (second highest death total behind Fairfax). So, it's not just Tidewater and the beltway.
  7. My sister works in a restaurant in Atlanta, and they are having a meeting today to discuss the new menu and procedures to be ready to re-open on Monday. Glad she has her job back, but worried for her health.
  8. I like the idea of her being in his cabinet. Maybe Sec of Treasury or Health? Seems like she could do more than she could as VP.
  9. I've always wondered why when candidates drop out, they announce that they are "suspending" their campaign. Why does everyone use that word? It sounds as if they'll start it back up again. They aren't suspending it-they are stopping or cancelling their campaign. Just random thoughts as I work from home and descend into madness.
  10. Ford and GM may start to use their plants to manufacture ventilators: https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-gm-ford-ventilator-manufacturing-0af6de9e-42ff-4b5f-aa95-f53ed638b161.html
  11. For those of you in Central VA, Fine Creek Brewing is offering delivery. http://finecreekbrewing.com/menu
  12. Well, I just heard from the dentist, and they won't see me unless it's an emergency. If the pain is too much then they'll see me. If the crown comes out, I'm suposed to call them and they'll walk me through how to put it back in. I told them the whiskey is good for any pain, and they agreed that it would also help kill any bacteria. So, kind of a good news/bad news situation I suppose.
  13. So, I have a loose crown, and I've called the dentist and am waiting to hear back. I guess I should go in to have it fixed? I'm pretty nervouse if I'm being honest. Not really practicing social distancing.
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