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  1. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    Yeah, while I'm not as excited about it (assuming it actually happens) as I would have been a few years ago, as it gets closer and they get the hype machine going I'm sure it'll break the record. It's been a few years since I bought a boxing PPV but this is the one fight I would actually pay for. It will become an event and you'll get a lot of casual or non-fans of the sport getting in on it.
  2. I haven't had a chance to read all of it yet but had someone link this to me. http://thinkprogress.org/sports/2014/01/30/3205071/redskins/ The Epic Battle To Save The Most Offensive Team Name In Professional Sports
  3. Unforgiven

    The Race to Black Monday 2020:

    Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport1m Mike Munchak fired. ,per league sources
  4. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    I guess she's just a big fan of the underdog, since she apparently gives them free rounds for simply answering the bell.
  5. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    She was one of the two idiots scoring the Bradley/Pacquiao fight that horribly botched that one. CJ Ross should never be allowed to judge a fight again in her life.
  6. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    One of those judges was drunk. A Draw?
  7. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    Even if you're really biased and want Mayweather to lose you could only try and argue for 2 rounds for Alvarez. In all honesty though it's probably 9-0 (8-1 if Alvarez is lucky). I think the majority of PPV buys for Mayweather fights at this point are people hoping to see that one magic punch land to put him on his ass.
  8. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    3-0 Mayweather. I think you could have given the 2nd to Alvarez but judges probably went with Floyd.
  9. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    Mayweather's entrance couldn't be more laughable if he rode in with his posse in a clown car. Seriously, wtf is this?
  10. Unforgiven

    All Things Boxing

    Score card getting away from Guerrero. Pretty soon he's going to get to the point of needing a stoppage to win. Floyd is still just too fast to catch.
  11. So I just tried out something suggested in the patch notes, I'm not sure if anyone else has done this yet. I ran the draft as another team (Cardinals) and drafted BPA for positions they needed then once I completed it, I looked at the full draft results to see how the computer picked for the Redskins. This is what it came up with a run through: Washington Redskins - 3279 Round 2 Pick 19 (51) Redskins: Robert Woods, WR, Southern California Round 3 Pick 23 (85) Redskins: Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff Round 4 Pick 26 (123) (SEA) Redskins: Will Davis, CB, Utah State Round 5 Pick 21 (154) Redskins: Zeke Motta, FS, Notre Dame Round 5 Pick 29 (162) Redskins: JJ Wilcox, SS, Georgia Southern Round 6 Pick 23 (191) Redskins: Corey Fuller, WR, Virginia Tech Round 6 Pick 26 (194) (SEA) Redskins: Jason Weaver, OT, Southern Mississippi Round 7 Pick 8 (214) (SEA) Redskins: Mychal Rivera, TE, Tennessee Round 7 Pick 22 (228) Redskins: Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas I ran it through a second time and it did a very similar draft, picking the best WR/OT/CB/FS available in that order with the first 4 picks.
  12. So I went back and decided to give this thing a try again and came up with this. I tried not to accept too many trades, only did 1 or 2 I think to avoid ending up with like 15-20 picks. Your score is: 3834 (Drafting Ability: A, Player Quality A-, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 29 (S.F.): Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International (A) Round 3 Pick 12 (S.F.): Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut (A) Round 3 Pick 23: Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia (A) Round 4 Pick 32 (BALT): Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State (A-) Round 5 Pick 21: Reid Fragel, OT, Ohio State (A) Round 5 Pick 29: Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas ( Round 5 Pick 32 (BALT): D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston (A) Round 6 Pick 23: Khaled Holmes, C, Southern California (A) Round 7 Pick 22: Bruce Taylor, ILB, Virginia Tech (A) The thing that I thought was the funniest was seeing D.J. Hayden sitting there at the end of the 5th. Mike Mayock's latest draft rankings rocketed him up to the #3 overall corner and possibly a 1st round pick. I know Mayock isn't the perfect but he's well respected for a reason. I only bring it up because once you get out of the top 5 or so picks you begin to see a huge disparity in the rankings of player based on who you listen to. Mayock has Hayden as the 3rd best corner in the draft, while CBS Sports draft board has him as the 28th best corner and the NFL.com board has him ranked as the 26th. What does Mayock see that other people don't? Surely he didn't rocket him up that high just because of the 40 time he posted recently.
  13. I would, because it would confirm God was a Redskins fan and performed a miracle...
  14. Matt Elam, one of the top 2-3 safeties (both SS and FS) in the draft going in the late 3rd? That simulator is insane...they may as well let us hand pick who we want and not bother letting other teams draft.
  15. Yeah, when I messed with it I didn't bother taking all those unrealistic trades. It's bad enough the draft order it has on some players. I mean it's fun to play with but I really doubt the draft would look anything like what has been posted in the thread...it's nice to dream though.