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What's Your ES Legacy?

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I'm not a fellow, so I'm excluded from this correct? :silly:

My legacy will be left when I become Mrs. Colt Brennan. :D

:rotflmao: It was that pic someone posted a few weeks ago that did it wasn't Mrs. Brennan? :silly: That would be part of the legacy as well.

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I started off on the predecessor to ExtremeSkins getting into a battle of words with Art back in 2000. People were posting that he was going to tear me a new orifice and I should be ready for it. He took it easy on me the first time so I kind of liked the dude. Luckily he is so humble and never exhibits any kind of ego. I'm mostly known for making wildly controversial posts and probably take more personal insults and abuse than any other member of ES. But... that's still not what I think my positive legacy is.

About five years ago, I did a parody of the HBO series Hard Knocks when it came out with Dallas as the featured team. That series was so entertaining to me because it clearly portrayed the coaches of Dallas and Jerry Jones as a bunch of complete boobs. I wrote some short screenplays that were amusing if you like very subtle British type of humor. I had great fun writing them and making the characters say what I wanted.

A couple years ago, I did a follow up but with Dan Snyder as Dr. Evil and Vinny Cerrato as Scott. Especially where he came up with the idea of getting a former Dallas quarterback coach with bad acne to coach the team. Number one pipes in clearing his throat: "Sir we've already had Norv Turner as coach of the team."

Early on, I had great fun talking smack about the "wine and cheese" tailgaters who infested the stadium like insects and complained about people "standing" during the game. A lot of people agreed with me, good memories.

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YOU sir, are a true ES OG......lol

I remember the days where I would POST and then come back the next day to see 3-4 other posts hahaa

those were the days......it was like Cheers in this place.....

AND tailgate posts counted too :D

Many years ago I teamed up with Blazers21, Tom, and QCard, and as a group, we were so annoying that ES had to create an Around the NFL forum to get us out of everyone's hair.

7 years ago. Man.

hahaa........I haven't heard from TGF in a while...hmmm...name change?

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