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  1. Ok, so you're back in the frozen tundra. Farmer's Almanac says that region is going to have a very harsh winter. :evilg:
  2. Go back to Minnesota and freeze your boobies off. Women!
  3. Never, ever challenge me to anything.
  4. I was gonna watch it and the race too if it was on the NFL Network. I was gonna watch it on replay if it wasn't shown on the network tonight. Not gonna watch it now.
  5. It can be done, but no need to take bigger risks. They understand that stuff. Smooth and easy. Ski in the morning. Swim with no risks in the afternoon. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  6. Some of them hang out in the Charlotte area. It's late winter in New Zealand - snow in the higher elevations. Swimming with great whites at the shore though. They live dangerously. But they live quite well too. Put it in drive and let it go. The place to be, you know.
  7. I get little amounts of sleep these days. Eh, it's overrated anyway. It's Friday. The weekend. Saturday night is alright for fightin'. Let the tempers flare. Will catch the football on NFL Network repeat. Great time of the year. I'd tell you to hang out with BLTO, but he pulled a fast one it seems. I fell for it. He will pay. Having a good afternoon? Should I turn the phone on?
  8. Congratulations and best wishes. My daughter is getting married and the costs keep rising - and it is not until next summer!
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