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  1. I haven't been able to find 6-packs lately, and it makes me sad. I have only found them recently at Wegman's. I usually pick that up and their Blackberry Wit if I'm in a summery, fruity mood.
  2. I've done a lot of beer drinking this summer and brewery visiting. Some of my favorites of the summer: Sam's Porch Rocker- great session beer, perfect when I want something light Port City Porter- Probably my favorite porter right now. Great flavor (PS this is a GREAT brewery to visit if you haven't gone) Sea Dog Hazelnut Porter- was in Maine last week and visited the brewery, tried this and really enjoyed it Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar- probably my favorite beer, maybe tied with Alesmith (San Diego) Nautical Nut Brown. Obviously I like heavier, maltier beers. Especially
  3. Just wanna say that I'm digging this new site. I haven't been on it in a few months and I'm loving some of the new features... And the mobile access is so much easier!
  4. Yeah I hated it. Maybe too depressing, I don't know. I just remember seeing it in college with my roommate and we both hated it.
  5. I HATED 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, and Shaun of the Dead. Gory doesn't bother me. I may try and get into it this summer when I have some time off.
  6. For those of you who are Walking Dead fans..... were you/are you zombie fans in general? I have heard so many people praise the show, but I hate zombie movies. I'm not scared of them at all, but the topic just does not interest me. Just wondering if the draw of the show has mostly to do with the zombie topic itself or something else.
  7. am i the only one annoyed with all the people changing their facebook pictures to that red and pink equality box today? I have no problem with marriage equality, but **** is annoying
  8. you will not believe how small a 20ish inch tv looks...my mom has one in her bedroom and it is TINY. I bought a Dynex from Best Buy last year for the bedroom. I think it is a 42" and it was around $250-$300. 720p. It is "my" tv....we have a Sharp 52" and a Samsung 55" in the living room and basement, respectively. I have been very pleased with the purchase, considering it was pretty cheap. Of course it doesn't compare to the 1080p tvs downstairs, but it has a great picture.
  9. haha, that's about half of my mortgage. Welcome to the DC area. In San Diego, I lived in a 1 bedroom that was about $1500 a month. Our 2-bedroom was about $1700. In Leesburg, I lived in a 1-bedroom that was 1480.
  10. 1) I don't know how anyone can hate on Chick Fil A fries. They're 2nd on my list, after a number one tie of Five Guys and Foster's Grille. 2) I really hope we have a crazy snowstorm this week. 3) I watched Argo last night and I thought it was great.
  11. I thought it was way too short. The only reason I stayed up that late last night was to see Damien, and then he was only on for like 2 minutes. I hate that Bruno Mars song.
  12. haha. I know how to jump a car. I had to jump my first car so many times that I'm a pro.
  13. haha I probably could after so many issues with my tires and watching other people change them. I don't have a jack. I think I have a thingie for the lugnuts but this guy had one of those drills that takes em off real quick-like. The guy did tell me that he didn't mind doing it for me since I was a woman....lol. He said some men just stand around and watch him. I'm perfectly fine with letting men do these things for me.
  14. I had no idea. A long time ago I ran out of gas on the toll road and some really nice Irish service guy gave me a free gallon of gas while I was bawling on the side of the road. I had no idea someone would come help me for free. I was thinking to myself "EFFFFFFFFFFFFFF why did I never renew my AAA membership?" So, so awesome. I will be writing an email (if I can figure out where I put his card!)
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