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  1. Random Advice...... DO NOT assume that you can use a Pressure Washer like it's a garden hose, and "rinse yourself off". Pressure Washers were not intended for human skin. Unless you enjoy slicing deep through the meat of your flesh, like ribbons of hanging flesh. I'll be back to most more Free Tips and Advice, after I put my arm back together
  2. Though it's not in the UFC, this one happened from a single punch, in bottom guard......happens at about 2:25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRoTZXOgmgA
  3. Has a UFC fighter ever scored a KO, from off his back ?
  4. I'd still like to hear the story how you you discovered this.
  5. Why is it that Redskin fans, or any football fan in general, can't talk about their team and sport with such intelligence, logic, reasoning, and technicality, as MMA fans do about 2 guys duking it out ? When it comes to football or Redskins, it's always driven by off-the-chart emotions and blown out of proportion, while MMA fans speak more from the cerebral context ?
  6. That's what Pat Barry should have done to Kongo
  7. It sounds a lot like the announcers are trying really hard to stretch the "K" from Mark Hunt's first name to his last.
  8. Am I the only one who just looked up Yoshihiro Akiyama's boy-band music on youtube ?
  9. And I suppose someone will also say that Sonnen was "doped" up in his last 2 fights where he disposed of Stann and Bisping.
  10. The rib injury was an excuse. The same excuse he's been using for delaying the re-match with Sonnen. Anyone should be able to see that.
  11. Silva may win it, but what makes you think he'll "destroy" Sonnen ? Other than your hatred for Sonnen ? Which means absolutely nothing when it comes to how a fight plays out in a cage. What single thing did Silva show you in his 1st fight with Sonnen, that could possibly make anyone think that he would "destroy" Sonnen ?
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