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  1. DeanCollins

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)
  2. DeanCollins

    Bill Cosby ... There is smoke.

    Maybe Cos can get some work with the drug companies. What a great companion product for the little blue pills.
  3. DeanCollins

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Would someone kindly post of link for the Skins / Rams game today? :-)
  4. DeanCollins

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Excellent link! Thanks. I wasn't able to get the "smart TV" to upload the picture. the website loaded but it kept failing. Anyone know how that works?
  5. DeanCollins

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    looking for a link to watch the replay of Skins vs. Tampa. I forgot to record it :silly:
  6. DeanCollins

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    you won't be worrying about those anymore. Go west young man! ---------- Post added August-14th-2012 at 12:12 PM ---------- No need to worry about those any longer, go west young man.
  7. DeanCollins

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Rays win division, Yankees choke, Padres go bye bye. lol
  8. DeanCollins

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    That's pretty funny, coming from someone who lives in MD, especially owings mills lol. Have you ever been to St. Pete or the Trop? The main problem with attendance, imo, is the over abundance of Yankees fans here as well as many other teams fans, as this area has transplants from all over. On top of that, a great deal of our residents are part timers (snow birds) and don't come down until winter. If you want talk **** you've got plenty to talk about with the Nats and the O's lol.
  9. DeanCollins

    2010 Major League Baseball Thread

    Rays Win! yankees, well they just suck @$$
  10. DeanCollins

    Something cool thread

    Here's an old pop song that is still cool cMAo0m4E4Lc
  11. DeanCollins

    Something cool thread

    Bang I was lucky enough to see McKinley Morganfield (aka MW) 5 times. In '77 (0n my 17th birthday) at DAR constitution hall with Johnny Winter and James Cotton. Louie's Rock City (same show), The Apple pie (Georgetown) with Bob Margolin, and twice at the Cellar Door with James Cotton, Willie B.E. Smith, and Pinetop Perkins ('81 and '82). The '82 show was the last show he ever played in DC (died in '83). Both of those shows I was fortunate enough to reserve a table front and center and was allowed (By Muddy) to hang out with him in the band room (above the garage on 35th street) drinking and smoking ect... He saw us peeking in the doorway of the band room and called out to us "Gentlemens come in and pull up a bottle" (he had a dozen champagne bottles). Muddy was particularly intrigued that a group of teenaged white boys were such big fans of his. Something else that's remarkable. I was born in Newport, RI in March of '60 and Muddy played the Newport Jazz festival that summer. Parents took me but Mom can't remember which day or who she saw, so it's possible I may have seen him a sixth time. :pfft: 9CvYh_qGV28
  12. DeanCollins

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    I just installed one, it's a "Noritz" and is rated for a 3 bathroom house (plus laundry, dishwasher ect...). The unit was probably around $1400 installed (if I had gas service already which I did not) plus I paid $700 for the gas lines installed with a drop for the dryer. The thing is bad@$$, automatically adjusts flame to match demand water pressure. I'm saving about $30 a month, but I'm saving another $20 on the gas dryer which dries a huge load of clothes in 15 minutes every time.
  13. DeanCollins

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    I just finished installing 13 new windows in my FL home. These meet the energy requirements for the Fed tax credit and also made with impact glass (for 140 mph winds) so that I don't have to have hurricane shutters. Last month I had a gas tankless water heater installed along with a gas clothes dryer. Electric bill is down $50 and my gas bill is $18. Last summer I built the dock and installed the 2 boat lifts. One is 15,000 lb. cradle lift and the other a 5000 lb. elevator lift. Along with that project I did a electric service change from a 100 am panel to a 225 amp panel and a 125 amp sub panel on the back of the house for dock power and to provide power for a mini spilt heat pump system for the family room addition next winter. In 3 weeks, my trips to NC start again for building season number #7 on the mountain home. This summer goals are to finish tiling the basement apartment and install the kitchen, door, trim, 2 garage doors, and fireplace. Finish the other 2 baths upstairs (2 are already finished). Lay the hardwood flooring on the 2nd floor, carpet the upstairs master bed, install doors and trim. Install front door, finish 4 flights of stairs and install handrails and balcony railings on 2 floor loft. Before I leave for NC, I've got to install 5 new windows in one of the rental houses. Plus make a trip to Ocala (lake george building lot) to finish the back fill (60 cu/yards) into 80' retaining wall on the canal. Lay 5 palates of sod.
  14. DeanCollins

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean) courtesy of cjamen :finger: