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  1. I think I saw that missed field goal 10 times because it kept going back to the kick when I’d would hit “live.” Got that game on Prime now but I don’t really care I just want to watch the Nats guess s I didn’t miss much with the bases loaded
  2. I’m watching this and the football game on Hulu live and of course it was working an hour ago and now it keeps freezing fml
  3. How come characters in stories need to have some sort of an epiphany or change or realization by the end of the story. I don't need to make them have some sudden realization...maybe they just want to keep on doin what they're doin and they don't realize anything until 5 years later, which is not where I'm goin with my story...yeah the characters are changing, but it doesn't have to be the focus of the story. Why do people always want this? Do you have sudden epiphanies in your life every week...cause that's how much time has passed in my story. Le sigh. Readers are silly...you don't need
  4. Congrats on the job and the "adult-like life" :silly: Edit: You should invite ES to your bar, we'd do a good job promoting it Are you watching Mike and Mike in the Morning by any chance? I just laughed out loud at that commercial...but why is it illegal? Guess I was too busy laughing to notice anything else. I mean, it can hold a bowling ball!
  5. Tht cn't b rl ... No hope for the human race.
  6. Now I want some, thanks. I'm hungry, but I cleared out my fridge before I left for Thanksgiving break. Lookin like PB&J...guess I'll stop reading the Wheat thread...
  7. 14? Impressive. Clementines are delish though The first draft of my paper was supposed to be 7-8 pages, mine ended up being 10. My professor then wrote 8 suggestions of what I should add to it...it's gonna end up being 15-16 pages at least and it only needs to be 12. So much extra work I have to do now. Oh well, guess it can't hurt to have another over-achieved, well-written Lit paper...I guess. I like when I use terrible grammar/punctuation when talking about Lit papers. They really are much better than my internet speak :silly: And now that sounds so shallow compared to what you are g
  8. Thanks I'm literally leaving the day after graduation though cause it's so close to Christmas haha...I know I'm gonna miss Blacksburg sooo much, but I think after 6 years of being here on and off, I'm ready for a change. But I know I'll be back to visit a lot haha also, my horse is staying in Cburg for a while til I find her a farm near home, so I have an awesome excuse to come down here It sure is gonna be weird/sad not living here though.
  9. 1 class tomorrow. Thanksgiving break. 11 classes, 2 finals. Then...done.
  10. That picture sums up the drill field perfectly. 20mph winds, rain, 35 degrees? Typical day in Blacksburg.
  11. VT text alert 9:24 pm: "In accordance with Va Gov. executive order, Virginia Tech is closed on Monday, October 29. Classes cancelled. Essential personnel report." VT text alert 9:49pm: "Virginia Tech will be OPEN on Monday Oct. 29. Classes and offices operate per normal schedule."
  12. DFIJioFJGOIJRGIJRGIJ My creative writing professor wrote that certain aspects of my paper are "brilliant," "powerful," and "compelling," and that I have "a flair for dialogue." I am on cloud 9. She said she hopes I revise it for my portfolio. And Cooley is a Skin again. I love today.
  13. I'm an English major doing the creative writing option and the literature option. Writing stories/papers = my life. I wrote my eleven page creative writing story last "night" from about 3am-9am. Then went straight to the library to print it out and edit it some more. I e-mailed it to my prof at about noon thirty...I had an appointment with her at 1:45. I like writing under pressure as long as I know I'll have time to edit it a few times before it's due. My 15-20 page story is due the week after Thanksgiving break. Other groups have to turn theirs in before break and they were ****ing ab
  14. I hear ya, my friend. I hate being a perfectionist. I just need to believe that my paper is great and quit messin with it.
  15. The commissioner part about the collusion in the beginning was absolutely hilarious...and mocking the Cowboys website. Taco is the funniest character for sure. I love this show.
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