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What's Your ES Legacy?

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i'm a rebel. can't keep me caged. I plan to make it at least 6-7 when football season starts again :)

Gee that'll show 'em.

and I've been banned zero times for being a Cowboy fan. :silly:

*waits to get banned* :paranoid:

"I can arrange that!"


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Drunken threads where I quote Don't Be a Menace. Being called a racist by a member of every racial/ethnic group, including all of the ones to which I belong.

Wit, charm, good lucks. My QB obsessions. Being both beloved and hated---and by the same posters. :)

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I just thought back. You know there was a time where I was a major participant in political threads, took a position but was still viewed as somehow 'above the fray.' Then a couple of interlopers came on board and acted like real jerkwaters and that all crumbled. *sigh*

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