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What's Your ES Legacy?

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My legacy:

Im a co-founder of the CLNC (Canton Late Night Crew)

Im the guy that kicked slacky in his ass so much on his 21st birthday that his phone broke.

I gave HH's ass its own identity.

I am the guy who gave MTH the great site for cigars.

I am the constant (but unwanting) thorn in the MODs side when I act out. :(

(oh yeah, some rage thing...i dunno)

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What about your time spent here at ES do you think will continue to live on long after your departure (for whatever reasons)?...For instance, the guy who accidentally coined the term "paloffs" lol...that will live long after he's stopped coming here. Or the ES member who first came up with the idea for a Babe Draft...they will continue here on ES even if he decides to leave for good. What about TLC's obsession with Jessica Alba? lol...Did he help solidify her visual presence on Extremeskins for years to come, whether he's here or not?

So, if you had to pick your ES legacy, what would it be (if anything)?

Crack-on-a-stick, and Jessica Alba's caboose.


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The next time I'm at an ES tailgate, I will PM you before hand. I really want to try this COAS. I've been shunned every last time I've been to an ES tailgate. ****s. :silly:

Shunned, really? All ya gotta do is stand next to the toolbox grill. :)

Can't believe you didn't get any at the DDP. By the time I sobered up, I realized that I had cooked only half of it, and had plenty after we picked Orakpo.

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