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  1. That horse thing happened to my grandma and grandpa. They were driving back from dinner one night and a bunch of horses were running down the road towards them. One horse slammed into their car and completely totaled it, the windshield and roof caved in to about 6 inches from my grandma's head. They were very lucky
  2. As I type this my fiancee's cat is running around the house playing with everything making tons of noise. He sleeps all day then plays all night. I don't get it.
  3. To go along with that bull**** AND he is still employed as a cop http://www.infowars.com/rhode-island-cop-still-employed-despite-conviction-of-kicking-woman-to-head/
  4. LMAO pretty impressive that he was able to grab the kite again with one hand after he hit the rocks
  5. The third guy on the left to jump on the treadmill gets drilled right in the face with a foot.
  6. I hate the law of pizzaplicity. It thats that 2 digiorno pizzas cost the same as one delivery pizza, yet the equation used states that the cost of two digiorno pizzas is greater than the cost of one delivery
  7. http://www.intouchweekly.com/entertainment/news/sneak-preview-teen-mom-farrah-s-first-single#.UCBXkfaPVIG An MTV's teen mom participant has finally debuted her first single!!! And by for the love of all that is holy.. listen with extreme caution if your ears can handle it
  8. unsonny. Its crazy to see how far that has come. Look, I can do a cartwheel on a pommel horse!
  9. She didn't even spell sandwich correctly...
  10. Amm, those two videos were money. Thanks for sharing them!
  11. Cotto owned that round
  12. I can understand the tactic, but floyd looks like a ***** using those ropes and corners. Kinda like how Rashaad Evans looks like a ***** using his tactics too
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