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  1. Holy ****, they made me a MOD?!?! **** yeah!! :dj: Now where's my signing bonus and stock options? :paranoid: But seriously... Great work on this research MTH, and what a cool story. Kudos to the folks who built this ****er from the ground up. :applause:
  2. God, I hope this isn't true. (New season ticketholder thread)
  3. Somebody just posted on Cooley's FB page, that JC just carried him when he asked for a pic. NOT cool, JC.
  4. Lesnar has morphed into Stone Cold Steve Austin. Weird.
  5. bwahahahahaha talk all the **** you want now hahaha
  6. Doesn't look like the WWE lesnar though. Wonder why? :whoknows: :hysterical:
  7. This is why I'm hesitant to take your cousin to an ES tailgate. Wouldn't want him to see me knocked out by DCsportsfan's jungle juice. :koolaid: :drool:
  8. Anybody else get Legends of WrestleMania? It's the most fun wrestling game I've ever played!
  9. Good God almighty, he's been broken in HALF!!!11ELEVENONE
  10. Are the Hardy boyz really fighting each other with a wet n vac?
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