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  1. Not one of their better April Fools Day pranks I must say.
  2. I think RGIII's pro day just gave me an erection :paranoid:
  3. St. Patrick's day isn't the same when you're in India.
  4. Soda in India tastes so much better than it does in the US. Not sure why but it's definitely a different and better formula they use.
  5. I love visiting India. Just wish I was able to stay longer this time. This week and a half is flying by
  6. All packed up and ready to go. Leave for the airport in a little over an hour. So long ES, I'll see you when I return.
  7. Yeah, and I wouldn't be caught dead with the Computer Science kids. That sounds like the worst party in the history of parties.
  8. Normal is a relative scale. Meet the guys who study Computer Science at your school and then you'll see.
  9. 2011 sucked for me as well, but the last 2 months have been nothing but amazing. And after graduation it's only gonna get better. Things will turn around for you dude, remember we're younger Redskins fans. We've grown up dealing with disappointment and misery so it shouldn't be anything new to you. ---------- Post added March-7th-2012 at 02:01 PM ---------- So I'm gonna miss the start of NFL Free Agency, a whole bunch of Caps games, and the first two rounds of March Madness while in India but I really don't care. Honestly, if I could I'd stay for a full month. A week and a half really isn't
  10. Normal personality, Software Engineer, AND American citizen, that's the trifecta in India. I know I will be approached to meet some "potential" brides, just about making sure to avoid the ugly ones. But hey, if I find some Indian hottie what's to stop me from bringing her back with me
  11. Studying, packing, more studying and more packing. This week is not gonna be fun.
  12. Never been to Merzi and haven't heard much about it. Honestly I don't go to many Indian restaurants cause I can easily get just as good if not better food at home. But I'm excited to get some legit Butter Chicken in India, cause last time I went I was still a vegetarian.
  13. don't just have Na'an, it's just bread. Have it with Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhni) or a Paneer dish. Indian food is amazing if you like spicy food. If not, then you may want to stay near a bathroom for a few hours afterwards.
  14. 1 week from now and I'll be in India. Reality is finally starting to set in. It's been close to 10 years since I last went, and I've been anxious to go back ever since. That time has finally come.
  15. I agree, I like the show as it is but if they added a lot more intellectual stuff than just the humor parts I think it would improve the show. The only issue is that the average person probably wouldn't understand the Physics/Engineering related stuff.
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