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  1. **** the cowboys. plain and simple. **** them and the fact that they still get called america's team by BSPN. **** the fact that they believe a rookie who hasnt done a damn thing is going to take them to the super bowl. **** felix jones, **** spears, **** tony romo and **** bum jr.
  2. im surprised you can do math without it being in kilos, grams or ounces or maybe since youre always counting days, months and years before your favorite players get out you figured it out too. "If Leon Washington went to prison in 2005...."
  3. **** the motherc****ing cowbums in their mother****ing asses. **** their owner, **** that new tacky ****ing stadium, **** that lame ass 50yr logo they got, **** all of them.
  4. i got one..and i got a mini fridge too for all the growlers too. i have 6 growlers and fill one up each day of the week and 2 on friday when you get your free and the "special" for 4 bucks.
  5. double dry hopped double **** 2006..lol but on a regular drinking i go with either oaked AB or ruination IPA.
  6. there a rumor about me i should know? what big mike thread?
  7. living the dream sista... how's life in the big city?
  8. maybe you havent heard..you been gone a long time. no more shoe shines..
  9. ten fiddy is pretty good. sebastian, stone is about to put their latest collab beer on sail "el camino un real"
  10. its a shame the video killed the song but "Separate Ways" by Journey is a really good song.
  11. Have any of you tried Rogue Hazlenut? Very good and thick like Guinness but it has a hazlenut flavor to it. Excellent and still a top choice for me too..
  12. http://www.stoneworldbistro.com/oakquinox/ check this out..this is the type of stuff Im talking about. "Dr Bill" is a Skins fan too and pulled me aside one day while I was drinking out of my Skins mug to let me know I had good taste. 99 oaked aged beers on hand for this event..its going to be stupid fun. http://www.stonebrew.com/calendar/ if ANY of you EVER come out to SD please let me know. I will be more then happy to meet you for a beer or 2 at the place.
  13. straight IT work. Desktop support, sys admin stuff but there arent even 300 employees here so it is a really tight group and everyone gets in to brewing from what i hear. im just waiting to be able to afford my own set up..
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