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  1. On cruise with friends last summer. I'm the one in the adidas shirt In Ireland trying to be funny. Right. By the Cliffs of Mohr (sp?). Amazing view.
  2. :laugh: How'd you know? Thanks CHUBAKAH, I'll be sending them shortly.
  3. Thanks for the link, but it won't let me resize images, which I need to be done (too big), and I'm computer illiterate.
  4. Anyone have any place here I can post my pictures or resize them? Thanks.
  5. Special thanks to Wally for helping me figure this all out. :applause:
  6. EDIT: Actually let me try to scale down this pic before its uploaded. EDITx2: My resolution is too big and I don't want to stretch the page. Can anyone tell me how to resize it for it to be more appropriate?
  7. Prom this weekend. Perhaps I'll get an updated picture. I'm sure you will all be frothing in anticipation.
  8. Spppt. I'm supposed to email you now.
  9. Well, it's over now. That was prom. Different one for our other formal dance on Saturday. I s'pose you won't see me on much this weekend. :laugh: BTW, thanks Tarhog.
  10. Thanks guys. Prom pics from last year; a bit horizontal but you get the picture.
  11. Can you attach an image that you don't have published to a webpage? <<Cpu illiterate. I have pictures saved on hard drive. How do I put them on a website?
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