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  1. +1 this is why the team wont play hard when he is in there. He is making millllllllions more than them an only providing 10% of the effort.
  2. yeah, until he doesnt get his way 100% of the time. DO you really think he is BETTER than a younger, healthier back? the fact we have so much salary tied up in him leads me to beleive even more this team wont improve with him here. Yes, I still wore my 26 jersey last week. funny that we win when I wear it and he doesnt play.
  3. i would like to agree with the OP. The running back makes an offense work, you need to keep people guessing and portis will always run left and then directly into the back of whoever is blocking for them. cut portis, cut betts, sign ganther, extend Rock.
  4. anyone who thinks ticketgate has any influence on the score has never placed a bet in their life
  5. i think they might know, but I would bet they really dont care. they are more worried about a roster spot. edit: saw your edit. I dont think for a second anyone on the team is checking the internet for updates. :laugh:
  6. are you for real? you really think the players know/care?
  7. exactly. I would wager money the players dont even know about this "scandal"
  8. why would any of the players care about ticketgate? the line is moving because more people are betting on the jags.
  9. i'm amazed that moderators take their job so seriously. I wonder if any have seen the sun yet this year?
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