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  1. ^^^^ says a white guy :hysterical: yes, that is a nice azz.....but her face is like a 6.5 if 5 is avg......( not good enough for me, and def not good enough for santana ) (ps-we may be talkin about diff girlz )
  2. That's not true.......she actually entered a contest where the winner would be whoever ate the grossest thing. She ate microwaved dog poop. I'm pretty sure this woman lived in Tampa Fl......It wasn't more than 8 years back..... she won too...
  3. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: I love the LOL BIBLE!!!11111111111.........
  4. common sense concludes this as utterly bogus......this chart was a myspace bulletin that got editted over the years...... :doh:
  5. Ummm...dude....that wasn't a FAIL due to crookedness.....it was an EPIC FAIL because she put her thong on at a 120 degree angle in the wrong direction :doh:
  6. Don't even gimmie Biology.....ack :doh: I've been studying ALL friggin day for a lab practical.... I basically gotta know everybone in the body and what it looks like stand-alone..... to complicate things more, I need to be able to identify every major tissue in the body when placed under a microscope and WHERE it come from.... :mad: This is awful.... While it is'nt HARD.....it is a TON on NEW vocab.... Here's an example.... Label what it is, name 3 parts it consists of and where it was taken from.... *edit: without right-clicking :laugh: :laugh:
  7. He's hinting that the waffles mentioned in the OTHER thread are done and that you may eat them ONLY upstairs because heat rises.
  8. Sorry, but you'll be decimated if you get into a scripture battle..... Don't pull a "turn the other cheek" quote out of context figuring God encourages 'spiritual anger/righteousness" That pic was out of line.....I've seen funny sacreligious photoshops before and this one doesn't qualify.
  9. :rotflmao: I smell a resurrection !!!!! Mods RE-OPEN THAT BABY!!!!!11
  10. I posted a thread prolly 3-4 years ago about "male oppression." :laugh: females are holding us dudes back :laugh:
  11. Fine, fine.... you win... but if you wanna know you'll have to read starting at page one, to the last got it? http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153206 :gus:
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