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  1. No, my spirit animal is definitely a pony. A rainbow one.
  2. This commercial is full of ****, Michelle Obama has yet to show up despite me making 11 freethrows in a row multiple times. Am I not saying a codeword or something? **** this **** :mad:
  3. You are absolutely, positively wrong. I've done this trick a thousand times. The hard part of a Mentos/Diet Coke trick is putting the cap on before the coke shoots out. If you can put the cap on and drop multiple mentos in there, it creates a coke rocket that flies super high if you smash it just right. We once got our coke rocket to fly over the lights in the mall parking was beautiful....looked like a perfectly thrown football spiral as it soared over the lights (I'm going to guess 20 feet in the air).
  4. some observations from the game: Blatche is a lazy ass. Kardashian's ex made him his ***** and looked like a ****ing allstar out there. Humphries is garbage and made his living off of Blatche's laziness. McGee looks to be turning a corner and maturing. He made some good post moves and played good, aggressive defense. I was happy to see him actually making an effort. I was livid when Flip took him out with 2 mins to go and kept Blatche in the game...****ing bull****. Blatche was sucking wind, barely able to make it up and down the court while McGee was still going strong, blocking shots and getting rebounds. Singleton - great addition...good defense and energy. Young - should be starting... Lewis - worthless. completely worthless. didnt score a basket at all in the 1st half :wtf: Crawford - forced WAY too much ****. Wall - he really worries me. I know he's young and still learning, but he plays out of control too much and, like Crawford, began getting frustrated and forced too much ****. Maybe things would be different if we had more scorers on the team.
  5. Gacolb: ---------- Post added December-26th-2011 at 02:19 AM ---------- PS - get on the Paki chick. They have the most amazing eyes everz.
  6. I dont know what it is, but Asian girls have been turning my head tan Asian girls - Filipinos, Thai, etc I guess I have a thing for tan
  7. It is true, I honestly couldnt tell who was who...I kept confusing Wall and Crawford
  8. McGee is on fire right now with the blocks...all it takes is for him to get a dunk and he becomes active.