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  1. No, my spirit animal is definitely a pony. A rainbow one.
  2. This commercial is full of ****, Michelle Obama has yet to show up despite me making 11 freethrows in a row multiple times. Am I not saying a codeword or something? **** this **** :mad:
  3. You are absolutely, positively wrong. I've done this trick a thousand times. The hard part of a Mentos/Diet Coke trick is putting the cap on before the coke shoots out. If you can put the cap on and drop multiple mentos in there, it creates a coke rocket that flies super high if you smash it just right. We once got our coke rocket to fly over the lights in the mall parking lot....it was beautiful....looked like a perfectly thrown football spiral as it soared over the lights (I'm going to guess 20 feet in the air).
  4. some observations from the game: Blatche is a lazy ass. Kardashian's ex made him his ***** and looked like a ****ing allstar out there. Humphries is garbage and made his living off of Blatche's laziness. McGee looks to be turning a corner and maturing. He made some good post moves and played good, aggressive defense. I was happy to see him actually making an effort. I was livid when Flip took him out with 2 mins to go and kept Blatche in the game...****ing bull****. Blatche was sucking wind, barely able to make it up and down the court while McGee was still going strong, blocking shots and g
  5. Gacolb: ---------- Post added December-26th-2011 at 02:19 AM ---------- PS - get on the Paki chick. They have the most amazing eyes everz.
  6. I dont know what it is, but Asian girls have been turning my head lately....like tan Asian girls - Filipinos, Thai, etc I guess I have a thing for tan
  7. It is true, I honestly couldnt tell who was who...I kept confusing Wall and Crawford
  8. McGee is on fire right now with the blocks...all it takes is for him to get a dunk and he becomes active.
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