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  1. Sisko we just going to have to agree to disagree the name is offensive. IMO it's not to any Redskins fans or members of the Redskins organization. Just a few non football fans with a political agenda. And the sad part is that if the name is changed it changes nothing compared to what is owed to the Native American community by our country. It's less than a table scrap win.
  2. Guilty admission. I'm petty. Of all the horrible replacement names, which is basically all of them for me. I like Redtails. If the native americans don't like the team celebrating their history then so be it.
  3. I can honestly say from film I've seen he's thrown the ball on the run as good as any player I've seen to the present. That being said if you were just to pluck him in his prime out of that time and dropped him in today. He'd fail. But if he grew up in this era and was in his prime right now, top 10 QB. Of course not playing both ways. 20 more lbs he's Drew Brees. Today's training could put that on him easy.
  4. And what about the President investigated? Weren't there umpteen women accusing the President of sexual misconduct? And at least with as much evidence as Kavanaugh's accuser. Which was, a story from 30 years ago.
  5. I think it will hinge on two things yet to be seen. 1. Will Trent be back. 2. Will the training staff/culture overhaul make any difference this year in keeping half our roster off IR by week 10. If those two things come to pass, I could see a playoff push this year. If not, back to 5-6 wins still a couple years away.
  6. My favorite Episode IX review from a fellow PS4 player.
  7. Vinny was worse, he picked worse players overall.
  8. One of my first place games came down to tonight. I was sure to lose. Double fail by my opponent. Lol.
  9. Currently watching Daredevil season 3 for the first time, about halfway through. My mind is blown. A+ story, directing, screen writing and acting. I will be shocked if Disney+ doesn't find a home for this gritty corner of the Marvel universe in the coming years.
  10. I'm curious how anyone on this offensive line gets anything above an F. There isn't one, save Scherff the Redskins should consider keeping past a backup.
  11. So me and my wife are binge watching Supergirl, presently in season 2. So does this show send Jon Carpenter a check or a sorrynotsorry note for repeatedly and blatantly ripping off The Thing?
  12. We are killing these guys! We've doubled their passing game 16 yards to 8! This is the breakout were looking for!
  13. Yes. Only the Zorn teams come close but the ineptness of this offense is unprecedented.
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