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Every Intelligent person knows that this is the correct way of doing it. If a black widow spider or a scorpion (something that is VERY common) hides under the roll of TP, pulling the sheet toward you takes the spider around the top, away from you and flings the damn thing on the floor. Hanging your TP the other way, you end up PULLING THE ****ING SPIDER ONTO YOUR ****ING LAP. After that happened to me, I never hung my TP the other way ever again, and I will swap it where ever I see it, even in your house.

Sleep well...

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It's fun when you see an unrecognized user name, and the spidey sense goes off (reasons secret :D) and you do your magic and find that, yes, it's another formerly banned whackjob suffering from his inner demons' need to try to retun to here, specifically, to spew his nonsense some more...but you boot him before he can even make his first post in his new incarnation...it's the little pleasures in the day that must be remembered to be celebrated...:pfft:

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Just got done watching A Fistfull Of Dollars. Awesome movie. I've always been a huge fan of Ennio Morricone. He is an absolute beast composer. Clint Eastwood was top notch. Getting ready to watch For A Few Dollars More

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Is it just me or does it always seem suspicious when someone introduces themselves to the board (specifically in the Tailgate) by starting a thread?

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"What was the slowest you ever flew the Blackbird?"

Brian Shul, Retired SR-71 Pilot, via Plane and Pilot Magazine

As a former SR-71 pilot, and a professional keynote speaker, the

question I'm most often asked is "How fast would that SR-71 fly?" I can

be assured of hearing that question several times at any event I attend.

It's an interesting question, given the aircraft's proclivity for speed,

but there really isn't one number to give, as the jet would always give

you a little more speed if you wanted it to. It was common to see 35

miles a minute. Because we flew a programmed Mach number on most

missions, and never wanted to harm the plane in any way, we never let it

run out to any limits of temperature or speed. Thus, each SR-71 pilot

had his own individual high speed that he saw at some point on some

mission. I saw mine over Libya when Khadafy fired two missiles my way,

and max power was in order. Let's just say that the plane truly loved

speed, and effortlessly took us to Mach numbers we hadn't previously


I pulled the throttles back from the 325 knots we were at.

With the gear up, anything under 275 was just uncomfortable.

I noticed the airspeed indicator slide below 160 knots, my heart

stopped, and my adrenalin-filled left hand pushed two throttles full


"One hundred fifty-two." We sat in silence for a moment. Then Walt said, "Don't

ever do that to me again!" And I never did.

Read more


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Just got back from Mile High. Holy smokes Peyton looked good today. 3 drives, 17 points. Crisp passes, looked comfortable, and took several big hits and got right up.


122 yards

2 touchdowns

148 QB rating

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if you listen to his music, you know exactly the type of person he was.

A bamma.... #EastCoast4Life :ols:

Honestly though, I never favored 2Pac, I always preferred Biggie. But that doesn't mean I don't think he sucked. He could tell a story and make you feel like you are standing right next to him. All the good rappers can do that, but Pac always seemed to take it to a higher level.

But Biggie, my man had flow for days. I wonder just how different the world would be if those two didn't die over some nonsense. No matter who fault it was, it was all some bull.

With that being said, I an sitting here watching the game again and realized that I am getting tired of watching football games on this angled camera view focused on the line of scrimmage. It is 2012, I want to see the whole field now. I would love to see which receivers are open and how the defense plays their coverage and where the blitzes are coming from. That birds eye view is a perfect view to watch games now.

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Biggie didn't have the depth that Pac had to me MLS. And in one of the songs, Pac called him out on his flow becoming more like his own.

I don't take anything from either guy, I think both are top 10 ever at their craft.

As far as football, at some point I think we will be able to get any view we want. The reason they show the closer shots is to focus on the players...most people don't know more than 3-4 players on their favorite team.

I will give ESPN and the networks credit for this...the average fan became more educated. There are a lot more people that I run across that give me a better overview of their teams than in the old days...All I would hear about was how great such and such player was. Typically only players that got credit for the score...

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I wonder just how different the world would be if those two didn't die over some nonsense. No matter who fault it was, it was all some bull.

Tell me about it. Funny thing, I wrote a paper about Tupac still being alive, cause of that album makaveli. Anyways, they both were amazing and I still listen to them all the time

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Why do people always complain about spoilers in a television/movie threads? Not so much on ES, but on a lot of forums I frequent, people are always crying about "please don't post spoilers!"

Perfect example...the season finale of "True Blood" aired yesterday evening less than 12 hours ago on Sunday night. Its now Monday morning. You see that the True Blood thread has been bumped to the very top of the list. If you haven't yet seen the episode, why in the **** would you click on the thread? Don't you think folks will be talking about last night's episode?

Some idiot posted "oh no! I shouldn't have clicked in here! why did you guys post spoilers?!" Dumbass.

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