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  1. I would have preferred "Carrying 2 QB's last year" rather than the 94 we had...
  2. N'keal Harry at 15, trade both 3rd rounders for Rosen... He's a top 10 pick and he made Manny Wilkins JR look decent... Just like Fitz made a bunch of mediocre QB's look good. If Cards lose Rosen, I'd be happy with giving up a 2nd...
  3. Can't believe you spelled Josh Rosen for a 3rd round pick like that...
  4. Alice Cooper is a Phoenix staple to the rest of the world like Roger Clyne (of the Refreshments) is a Phoenix staple to people in Phoenix. (Just how far down do you wanna go? We can talk about it over a cup of Joe"
  5. No longer a Pirates fan... Now I'm an AZ Dbacks fan because I live 9 miles from the stadium... No longer a Pirates fan... Now I'm an AZ Dbacks fan because I live 9 miles from the stadium... Does Politico still hate Bob Seger? The literal most irrational thing I've ever heard...
  6. 2009... Was a decade ago... Talked **** to a Bengalfan who disrespected my ST21 jersey... Got 5 front row tickets for $200 because they were so horrible... Tried to give them away to bengals fans and they thought it was a scam.. Also the day I almost got arrested for telling a cop I just drove in from Hawaii... In retrospect, not the best move
  7. My bad... I completely knew it was my avatar... But still thought it was funny...
  8. It's just me recreating the Reece pic... Actually before the Cincy/Redskins game in 2009 when I was trying to relive my hat trick weekend... But ended up spending another night in Newport... Also the first time I met @Afierro21, then we went on a roadrtip...
  9. Yeah I know... Being with you peasants makes me feel special... No, seriously I miss you all...
  10. Miss you too... If I say antyhing else I'l miaapwll ir The **** did I do? - McNulty I still miss Blake, but glad he got to go before everoyne pronounced his name Bh-lakke-kake- eee But it'd be less annoying to him
  11. Thinking of everyone today... Mostly having a bad day thinking about Blake... Got a card in the mail from the JD Gibbs foundation because I donated to his cause. Made me realize that I didn't do that for a lot of people that we've lost... In the what? 15 years we've known each other... I can't really repay you all for how much you helped me grow as a person. Everyone before the redesign shaped me in a way that made me become who I am... My grammar, my syntax, me being a sucker for diction...
  12. Miss you too!!! (At least now it's not a surprise when I post it... )
  13. You forgot Rdskn4lyf21 my BFF and our drunken roadtrip shenanigans... [/end guest appearance blame koolblue13]
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