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  1. Watching Hangover Part 2 , scene with the "double climax" story. ---------- Post added October-30th-2012 at 09:15 PM ---------- Also, had 3 mooses in my back yard today. i swear the cow was as big as a clydesdale......moosasaraus.
  2. LOL, dude asked for it and then got it.
  3. Thursday the 1st get to wear my new stripe.
  4. Can't tell from that "documentary". Just turrible CGI, was kinda disappointed i wasted DVR space actually.
  5. Just watched "Mermaid, the body found" on animal planet. Don't waste your time fyi.
  6. Nope you're remembering it right, as Sinister said i was just lumping the rage people in with zombies. Basically they didn't have control of their minds or bodies anymore and were hell bent on violence. Kinda like a zombie other than how fast they came after their prey.
  7. Oh i agree, def enjoyed the directors view of a "running" zombie. You'd have to invite some of your slower friends and inlaws over to curb the zombie's appetite, lol. To this day the wife won't even watch a zombie movie with me, freaks her out.
  8. Watching "28 Days Later", running zombies....now that would increase the nations cardio huh?
  9. Yeah, Yahoo comments section is very bad sometimes. Straight up hateful to one another there.
  10. Yeah it was on mine as well, i just got lucky enough to be stationed up here. We loved it so much that we bought a house here to retire in. As far as hiking goes there's just too many beautiful places to list here. I mean EVERYWHERE is scenic enough to just stop and just take in for a while. I'd def trade houses with you for a bit. About the only thing that would worry me in your area would be hurricanes. Otherwise i'd be snorkeling all day every day there.
  11. Just an fyi if anyone wanted to know where Chugiak Alaska was it's right here where the 1 is. And here is our ****ty forecast for the week. http://weather.yahoo.com/united-states/alaska/chugiak-12799637/
  12. Time to bring back Larry Landover? Who's with me? Anyone?
  13. Another appalachian american from WV here and agree that table is bad ass!
  14. So have you guys seen the NFLN Thursday night football contest? It sounds like you get to sing along with Ceelo on an intro or something. I was thinking something along the lines of his hit "Forget You". I see u spending all our cap With ur face all smug and i'm like, **** you! (pointing to Mara) Oo, oo, ooo I guess the competitive balance Wasn't e-nough and i'm like, **** you! (pointing to Goodell) And **** her too! (back at Mara) U said if I colluded, we'd still safe Ha, now ain't that some ****? (ain't that some ****?) And although there's pain in our wallets I still
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