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  1. I dont see Miami trading their three first rounders for the second overall pick unless its a QB. Also dont know if Okundah will be there at five either. Reasonably If there is a trade down we are dropping down, in the first, picking up a second and then more coming later. My point is we wont have two selections in the first, we have to be sold on the one guy in the first, second and anything after. Also option to trade down again and obtain more later rd picks.
  2. Bruce Allen and the Skins got screwed by Trent showing up before the deadline and not getting a deal done. Trent will now only have a a yr contract left not two
  3. Trent reported before the 4pm deadline reported by paulson Could skins be more F....
  4. People forget about how well the defense played last year when we were 6-3. Alex was averaging what like 1 TD a game. Its debatable we would be where we are today even if Alex was starting. Our defense been giving up 30pts a game before the Dolphins game
  5. Alot of Quarterbacks that didnt start right away have nearly been killed or careers have ended because of injury whats the point
  6. Peyton Matt Ryan Russell Wentz Dalton Derek Carr Cam Luck Theres no proof if starting a rookie QB or letting him sit is the better idea (no matter what, its opinion based). We all know Jay had to win NOW and because of that no matter how well Haskins performed in practice or pre-season, Case or Colt would start (mostly due to experience) And if you think the Redskins OL absolutely SUCKS then why play any quarterback for that matter or not even play Haskins at all this year even if we loose 5+ straight
  7. Find it hard to believe no one knows whats going on. Fans get told something different everyday. IF he doesnt want to be here trade him. If he does then work out a deal to get him back. Add to that, saw something that says Clowney wants to go to Eagles. At some point we have to make moves.
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