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2021 NFL Draft Day Thread


Message added by TK,


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Just now, PartyPosse said:

Wait, did we trade 226??

Never had 226. We did have 225 but I think ESPN isn’t showing it still for some reason. To be expected from a panel using grade school desks 

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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, SkinsGuy said:

eagles pick is in.



Hold up, what? NFL Network is showing pick 172 of the 5th round...


NEVERMIND. I turned off my tv a while ago to have a beer and cigar outside and when i turned My tv on, it doesn’t start off at the current part of the program. I had To fast forward 😂

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6 minutes ago, KDawg said:

Theres an out of context joke here that I’m going to leave others to find like we’re playing “Where’s Waldo?”


Also: Kylin or Moses or we set JoggingGod loose.

That wasn’t a very hard where’s Waldo.  Waldo would be like half the size of the page. 

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