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2021 NFL Draft Day Thread


Message added by TK,


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4 minutes ago, London Kev said:

Cheeseman is going to make this team grate again.

And thus beginneth the cheesy puns.

CBS's analysis seems off: The consensus top LS in the class. Not great draft capital allocation.
If you've set your team up with a specialty position that you won't have to address for another decade with a late 6th round pick, that sounds like a pretty good allocation of draft capital.  I mean, yeah,  maybe Tom Brady was available, but probably not.

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1 minute ago, wilco_holland said:

I'm still a bit sad that we needed a new longsnapper....


Yeah, but Sundberg would've commanded a rather large contract for a LS, considering his time in the league.


Not to mention his was about to become eligible for AARP. 😉


Why not get a great one out of college, that can do the job on a rookie contract?

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10 minutes ago, seantaylor=god said:

Horrible pick! I’ve watched hours of film on all of the long snappers and there were better ones available. I have no idea what Rivera is thinking! I can’t watch this team when they consistently make HORRIBLE selections!*


*I’m joking


I'm sad you had to tell people this was a joke.


But it's probably the right call.

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I’m still totally shook by Eisen. I have barely processed the pick.


Tears running down my eyes man. Guess I needed to see the uplifting nature of people like Eisen today, man.


Can’t stress how amazing all of those people are. And I know we **** on Snyder but to hear he donated over a million? Man. I don’t know him. But thank you Mr. Snyder for that.

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Not so sure how much I like trading a 5th rounder to get a long snapper at the end of the 6th. But if he locks down the position for the next 10 years I won't complain.

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Posted (edited)

I’m just going to keep bringing him up until he’s picked. He has everything but size, and FS is not a position where size really matters.


Instincts, ball skills, sure tackling, toughness. 

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