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2021 NFL Draft Day Thread

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10 minutes ago, mistertim said:

Chargers want the Funk


I liked Funk.  I think all of the guys i said I would draft in the late rounds that Brugler had as undrafted ended up drafted.


On the other hand I have some guys I liked earlier that dropped further than I expected.


We don't obviously have access to injury reports/interviews so that's likely an X factor in that mix.  For example I wasn't big on Moses.  But still didn't expect to see him this late.  Wonder if the medicals weighed in.  He's had injuries in the past.

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12 minutes ago, SkinsGuy said:


Yeah, but Sundberg would've commanded a rather large contract for a LS, considering his time in the league.


Not to mention his was about to become eligible for AARP. 😉


Why not get a great one out of college, that can do the job on a rookie contract?

He's so good, he'll be the first long-snapper to ever get franchised.

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I think we need to keep the name Washington Football Team....I've never heard it said as much as today and it's growing on me. We would be the only franchise in American sports that does not have a name other than our city. It's unique and historic. And now its the home of Cheeseman, Fitzmagic and the best defense in the NFL....

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Just now, Cooleyfan1993 said:

Hey!! This is a family-friendly site! Come on now 

Just saying we were having a mass debate about it. No need to get all stiff.

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17 minutes ago, KDawg said:

I’m still totally shook by Eisen. I have barely processed the pick.


Tears running down my eyes man. Guess I needed to see the uplifting nature of people like Eisen today, man.


Can’t stress how amazing all of those people are. And I know we **** on Snyder but to hear he donated over a million? Man. I don’t know him. But thank you Mr. Snyder for that.

I wasn’t watching what’s the backstory here?

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2 minutes ago, Redskinzfan30 said:

ESPN had him as a LB. is he a DE or LB? I hate this ESPN coverage 


NFL said Edge on live TV. 



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