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How do you see current society playing out? Headed towards Civil War Lite?

The Annoying Buzz

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If war is what they're looking for, then they should be met with lethal force by the national guard, military, police... whomever.


If you ever want to return back to normalcy, they need to suffer ultimate consequences and be made an example of, or they will continue to keep coming back.


No more playing patty-cake with far-right extremists.

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21 hours ago, China said:


Exhibit #2:


Vandals shoot into Tippecanoe County Democratic Party headquarters




Someone fired at least six bullets into the Tippecanoe County Democratic Party's downtown headquarter offices, Party Chairwoman Heather Maddox said.


"It's outrageous that it's got to this point. It's got to stop," Maddox said late Thursday afternoon from inside the headquarters at 826 Main St.


Click on the link for the full article

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40 minutes ago, FanboyOf91 said:

Really looking forward to Mitch McConnell doing the most damage possible to America through his dilatoriness.


It's his last power play.  He'll no longer be majority leader, but will have pushed this into the next administration to distract from the Senate confirming Biden's nominees and doing the other business they need to do.

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On 1/9/2021 at 2:25 AM, clietas said:

Can we banish Trump like the French did to Napoleon?  Send him and he's treasonous cultists to one of them nuclear test sites in the Pacific? Like Bikini Atoll. 



Space Force their asses to Mars

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On 1/9/2021 at 2:25 AM, clietas said:

Can we banish Trump like the French did to Napoleon?  Send him and he's treasonous cultists to one of them nuclear test sites in the Pacific? Like Bikini Atoll. 



Put him in an inflatable dinghy and drop him off at Point Nemo.



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7 hours ago, Bang said:

so, this is today.
Any predictions?




6 hours ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

I doubt we see much today.  Wednesday will be interesting I think.  I’m gonna guess 12 states see major protests.  3 end up with people dead and 1 sees buildings breached.


Nobody shows for 'MAGA Drag' from New Haven to Hartford


A planned “MAGA drag” in support of now twice-impeached President Donald Trump, due to start Saturday morning at the IKEA parking lot in New Haven and head up the capitol building in Hartford, appears to be a bust.


Fliers promoting the event had been shared on social media, and New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker asked residents to stay away, despite reports that the event had been canceled.

“Given what occurred last week at the U.S. Capitol and some threats of violence around the U.S., we are encouraging people to stay away from the area of Sargent Drive, Long Wharf and IKEA until this afternoon,” Elicker said early Saturday. “Our police department is working with local law enforcement to prepare for any potential issues at this event and over the coming days.”


Participants had been told to begin gathering at the IKEA parking lot at 10 a.m. As of 11 a.m., the scene was quiet aside from a heavy police presence and the usual crowd of shoppers on a gray morning with heavy rain earlier.


By noon, there was no sign of the so-called “MAGA drag” at the grounds of the Capitol in Hartford. Had anyone gone, they would have found there was not easy access to the Capitol building.


Click on the link for the full article




Armed protesters have gathered at state capitols in Ohio, Texas, Oregon and Michigan.


The atmosphere was tense at in the nation’s capital and at statehouses across the country on Sunday, as several armed groups arrived at state capitols, where military vehicles and police barricades lined the streets and officials braced for pro-Trump protests that they feared could lead to violence.


About 25 members of the antigovernment extremist “boogaloo” movement were among the heavily armed protesters who gathered at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. But the men — who are part of a group that hopes a second civil war will lead to the U.S. government’s overthrow —  said they were there for a long-planned gun rights rally that they insisted had nothing to do with President Trump.


Henry Locke, 27, of the Ohio chapter of the Boogaloo Boys, said he and other members had planned a unity rally to bring different groups together under the Constitution. Many in his group carried military-style rifles, wore camouflage vests and carried ammunition.


Here is what our reporters are seeing at other state capitols where armed protesters have gathered.


Austin, Texas: Protesters began gathering in the morning at the Texas State Capitol, which the state had closed out of concerns over the protest. Armed officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety patrolled the rolling Capitol grounds and guarded the entrance to the nearby governor’s mansion.


Daniel Hunter, a 34-year-old handyman, said he had driven from Waco to attend the protest. “The only reason I’m here is to ensure that no one storms the Capitol,” Mr. Hunter said. “If they do, I’ll get in front of them and be trampled.”


Salem, Ore.: Five men dressed in military-style clothing marched onto the grounds of the park across the street from the Oregon State Capitol around 10:30 a.m. They waved flags, including an upside-down American flag, and one held a “Disarm the Government!” sign made with marker on a white poster.


The five men, who declined to give their names, insisted that they were not part of any group or organization. “We don’t support Trump, and we don’t support Biden,” the man with the patch said.


Lansing, Mich: A small group of people armed with military-style weapons gathered in front of the State Capitol on Sunday morning, but with National Guard troops and State Police surrounding the building, nearly all of the protesters who had shown up were gone by early afternoon.


“That’s why I’m here, because my vote got stolen,” said Richard Maurer, 65, a small business owner from Owosso. “Biden is never going to be my president. I’m going to fight him whenever I get the chance.”


Among the armed men in Michigan were also adherents of the “boogaloo” movement, who warned that the government was the enemy that protesters should be focused on.


Click on the link for the full article



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On 8/17/2020 at 1:45 PM, China said:

On the no news is good news front:


No signs of large-scale insect apocalypse in North America yet, study says



Click on the link for the full article



Doomsday Clock 2021: World is '100 seconds to midnight' - Earth on the brink of disaster


THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK has been set at 100 seconds to midnight today, marking a worrying reminder humanity is not far from armageddon. But what does the time on the clock mean and is the world coming to an end?


The Doomsday Clock is ticking less than two minutes away from disaster, according to The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The Bulletin's experts have unveiled their 2021 update at the annual Doomsday Clock conference after a year marred by the coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest and threats of military conflict. Last year the clock was set to just 100 seconds to midnight - the closest the clock has come to the symbolic hour of destruction since 1947 - and the clock remains at this time in 2021.


The Bulletin announced: "Humanity continues to suffer as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads around the world.


"In 2020 alone, this novel disease killed 1.7 million people and sickened at least 70 million more.


"The pandemic revealed just how unprepared and unwilling countries and the international system are to handle global emergencies properly.


"In this time of genuine crisis, governments too often abdicated responsibility, ignored scientific advice, did not cooperate or communicate effectively, and consequently failed to protect the health and welfare of their citizens."


The Doomsday Clock is announced each year during a press conference held by the Bulletin and a panel of esteemed scientists.


This year, the Bulletin's panel has cited the erosion of trust in science, rampant spread of conspiracy theories and a lack of political will to tackle the issues as reason for not resetting the clock.


Click on the link for the full article

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How ‘Disease X’ could wipe out 75million and spark pandemics every FIVE years after Covid as man clashes with nature


Scientists have predicted we could face a health emergency or pandemic every five years likely caused by "zoonotic" diseases - when infections jump from animals to humans.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced this week it believes Covid is likely one of these types of infections as it is believed to have crossed from animals such as bats to humans.


It has been warned even more deadly diseases like this are on the horizon - with warnings the next pandemic could be on the scale of the Black Death, which is estimated to have killed 75million people.


The nightmare scenario is one of these new diseases, or a strain of an older one, emerges that is both highly contagious and highly deadly - allowing it to spread quickly and kill millions before the world can take action.


The threat of unknown viruses that can be transmitted to humans and potentially cause widespread epidemics is known as Disease X by WHO.


Out of the 1.67million unknown viruses on the planet up to 827,000 of these could have the ability to infect people from animals, according to the EcoHealth Alliance.


South East Asia, Southern and Central Africa, areas around the Amazon, and eastern Australia were all identified as the areas of highest risk for new diseases in a study published in Nature Communications.


Click on the link for more

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Zombies, of course.


Jim Bakker Is Now Using His End Times Broadcast to Warn About Zombies


For years, right-wing pastor Jim Bakker has been using his daily television program to terrify his audience into believing that the End Times are upon us, often for the apparent purpose of selling them products designed to help them survive the apocalypse.


Bakker kicked things up a notch on Tuesday’s program, which featured right-wing conspiracy theorist Steve Quayle warning about aliens, demons, trans-dimensional beings, and “diseases that are designed to initiate cannibalism in human beings” and turn them into literal zombies.


The conspiracy theories promoted by Quayle were so pervasive and convoluted that it was difficult to understand exactly what he was even saying, but he seemed to be suggesting that nasal tests for COVID-19 were part of a nefarious plan to obtain DNA samples to be used in the creation of targeted biological weapons that will unleash a disease to turn everyone it does not kill into flesh-eating zombies.


“Zombies that are on the Earth are a disease like any other disease that affects people, and they become like zombies. Is that right?” Bakker asked.


“That’s only part of the story,” Quayle replied. “Zombies also have the evil spiritual entity known as demon possession.”


“The best way to explain zombies’ blood lust is this: the appetite of demons expressed through humans,” Quayle continued. “It should be astonishing to people that the richest people in the world—not all of them but some of them—are into occult ceremonies where they have to drink blood that’s extracted from a tortured child. Now that’s sick, but that’s the appetite of demons expressed through humans.”


Click on the link for the full article

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Bakker is talking demon zombies?  That’s the worst variety I’ve come across in fiction.  Usually the only question with zombies is fast or slow.  Fast types are near certain death, but demons zombies are worse.  Besides being fast, they’re also as smart as the demon controlling them and can infect animals.  


When people think “I could survive the zombie apocalypse” these are definitely not the kind of zombies they’re thinking of.  

Lucky for us they don’t exist and Bakker is a crazy person.  

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