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  1. FanboyOf91

    US Soccer thread.

    At least we have Josh Sar-... ...
  2. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

  3. FanboyOf91

    ES Soccer Thread

    You hate to see it.
  4. FanboyOf91

    US Soccer thread.

    LMAO at all the clowns who think they should have eased up after the sixth goal. The USMNT's rolling disaster has crippled too many American soccer fans' ability to enjoy competent soccer. Jill Ellis went full "Daenerys on King's Landing" to silence the haters.
  5. Chernobyl is the best horror show of the 21st century. My compliments to HBO for doing it again.
  6. FanboyOf91

    US Soccer thread.

    WIl Trapp should not be on this team.
  7. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

    I just...
  8. FanboyOf91

    The Brexit Thread

    Lower credit rating = higher interest rates.
  9. FanboyOf91

    US Soccer thread.

  10. Me: Well, there's no way Chernobyl could **** me up any worse than Episode 3. (five minutes into Episode 4) Me: Ah, ****.
  11. FanboyOf91

    US Soccer thread.

    Sargent could have been playing with the u20s and Tab Ramos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the **** would you jerk him around like this!
  12. Gosh, I hope they all get demonetized. Then they would have to get real jobs.
  13. FanboyOf91

    US Soccer thread.

    Tab Ramos had better be the next USMNT head coach.
  14. Episode 3, not great, not terrible, I've seen worse.