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Your personal "Top 5 TV shows" of all time


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this is spinning out of the Game of Thrones thread (to avoid derailing it)


without putting much thought into it... my top 5 are probably    (in no order)


Breaking Bad




with either Seinfeld, The IT Crowd or Arrested Development (before the Netflix reboot) rounding out the last spot. 




honorable mentions for me:   i have a soft spot for all the old-man-targeted BBC crime/comedy/dramas... Foyles War, Poirot, Death in Paradise...etc...and Sherlock (but it has kinda gone down hill, rather than getting better)....  also.... in a similar vein Rockford Files and Wallander (the swedish version, not the Kenneth Branaugh version),


I'm positive that there is a series or 3 that i am forgetting entirely 

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Y'all will laugh and make fun.  But here goes:


from childhood: Voltron

from young adult: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

from early 00's: The West wing

For total shock value: 24

from now: Game of Theones

1 minute ago, BRAVEONAWARPATH said:



3.)Babylon 5


5.)Law & Order

Too young for MASH.  Only really caught the end of Cheers.


i have an honorable mention for Family Ties.  

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The Cosby Show

Good Times

The Jeffersons

The Dukes of Hazzard.



I decided that cartoons are a seperate category.


Honorable mention:

Sanford and Son

Little House on the Prairie 

Different Strokes


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I'm going to write out something substantive for once, with some standout episodes for each.


The Simpsons (seasons 1-9)

The greatest animated series of all time and one of the most influential on my own path as an individual. I may never have become a writer if not for this (at one point) doggedly rebellious, winking and socially conscious juggernaut. It's a shame what's happened to it, but that's the nature of network television. People come and go, new cooks enter the kitchen and the flavor changes. 


Recommended episodes: Homer the Heretic, Last Exit to Springfield, Rosebud, You Only Move Twice


Breaking Bad

Prestige dramas get too much love nowadays, relative to everything else out there and relative to what has come before, but this show is the one exception I'll make for the sake of this list. Its arc is tragic in the classic Shakespearean sense, its action is breathtaking, its direction is groundbreaking. Just incredible stuff and it holds up to repeat viewings. Walter White is one of the best, most dynamic characters of all time. 


Recommended episodes: Half Measures, Full Measure, Salud, Ozymandias


Twin Peaks (1990-1991 and 2017-present)

It's not a particularly traditional television drama: the storytelling is bizarre, the acting and writing is stilted, and its haunting imagery is mostly the result of cheap practical effects. That's what I love about it. Time and time again, and even in 2017, this show has done things with the medium of television that I never thought were possible and for that reason it holds a spot on this list.


Recommended episodes: Northwest Passage, Lonely Souls, Beyond Life and Death, Part 8


BoJack Horseman

Probably the best show on television today. The writing and continuity is absolutely peerless and each detail has the potential to build to something unexpected, heartbreaking or wonderful. It's a potent example of the modern anti-hero, but given color and humor. Every season of BJH leaves me feeling hollow and lost by the time it's over, but the journey to get there is so full of laughs that it balances out the existential horror.


Recommended episodes: Downer Ending, Escape From L.A., Fish Out of Water, That's Too Much Man!



This is possibly the most quotable show of all time and so many of its episodes wound up permanent fixtures of popular culture. And for good reason; the lovable, hilarious sociopaths of Seinfeld had their fingers on the pulse of America and weren't afraid to laugh about subjects that other network comedies wouldn't cover. A prime example of circular writing and the classic brick joke, it's a joy to watch the old episodes and see how it all comes together.


Recommended episodes: The Contest, The Marine Biologist, The Opposite, The Soup Nazi

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I'm going to do seperate categories for drama and comedy because you can't really compare the two.




Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad



The Sopranos




The Office

Arrested Development


30 Rock


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No particular order:


Dave Chappelle Show

Angie Tribeca

Robot Chicken

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman


Honorable mention to Looney Tunes, which technically isn't a series, its a damn near dynasty close to my heart.

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I dont think it's fair to put comedies mixed in with drama. hmm


Drama (in no order)


Game of Thrones

Mad Men

^^^^^in a class by themselves

Breaking Bad

The Wonder Years

Twilight Zone (original)

(have not seen The Wire or the Sopranos yet)





South Park

The Office

Parks & Rec

Andy Griffith

Curb Your Enthusiasm


I really hate police and hospital related dramas. They're just so played out and they all the same good lord. 


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