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  1. Well, if he was a good free throw shooter, there wouldn’t have been any “hack a Ben.” ?
  2. My man Ben Simmons goes for 31 points and 18 rebs and today’s talk is how Lonzo had an OK game in a loss to GS. SMH
  3. In all sports, you’re seeing more and more of these young players getting hurt.
  4. Giant fans probably don’t want to hear this, but they should trade OBJ.
  5. Man, there must be a lot of guys having sleepless nights in the entertainment industry. ?
  6. Would you need Klay if you had LeBron? Green does the dirty work, I’d keep him.
  7. Eli’s been benched for....GENO SMITH?!?! ????????
  8. Simmons would actually be better playing alongside LeBron. It’s not like they play the same position.
  9. I’m biased, but the best fit for LeBron would be Philly.
  10. LOL...LeBron’s averaging almost 29 points a game. Yes, he’s on the back end of his career, like Tom Brady, but he has at least 2 more years of greatness.
  11. Yeah, but unlike those guys, LeBron is still playing at a very high level.
  12. Is Lonzo really their best option at PG?
  13. Harden also pulled a no show when he and OKC went to The Finals.
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