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  1. Please cut him now. He is loser. Besides the fact he was out partying after they just lost and still trying to win the division. Him going out is extremely selfish behavior during a pandemic that could expose his coach just coming off cancer treatment. Any human worth anything can tell you that isn’t the move. Time to move on. A clown will stay a clown.
  2. At this point the argument is Haskins & Young or Tua. I am taking the Haskins & Young package. I also believe Tua is an awesome talent, but unfortunately I don’t think his health will let him fully reach that potential.
  3. I am just ready to hear some news. Sounds like a lot of teams interested. Hopefully we know something by the end of the weekend.
  4. I am okay with Miami's late first and one of their 2nd round picks.
  5. I am going to be so disappointed if the Skins take a broken QB at #2. Tua couldn't handle college hits. He won't handle NFL hits either. Two ankle surgeries and a hip dislocation are not minor injuries.
  6. If the Redskins take Tua, it will just be the same old, same old. We don't need anymore players with long injury histories on this roster. I hope he stays healthy in the NFL, just not on the Skins.
  7. Sorry man, I don't see the failure part. He has played 7 games. The Skins gave Kirk Cousins a lot more time to prove his worth. I would say he is a failure more than Haskins, because the Vikings are paying him big money and he hasn't made them better. They are actually worse off. I think we all need just give Haskins a chance to play out this season and see what happens. It does sound like you will just never like the guy.
  8. We all get it, you hate Haskins. Not sure what dude did to you personally.
  9. I don’t like the idea of a trade back for multiple picks, because I am over the Skins just making good picks in the first round. I am ready for some elite talent on this team. I mean it is sad when the most elite player on this team is the punter.
  10. As a fan of Jordan Reed you should hope he retires. 7 concussions is no joke. I think he is going to be cut regardless, the cap savings is too big.
  11. It isn’t about his talent or the talent around him. It is the fact I don’t think his body will hold up in the NFL. This hip injury is a big deal. Bigger than even an ACL. Even Big Ben has gotten hurt playing for the Steelers.
  12. My uneducated, but gut feeling is Tua will only make a few true starts in the NFL. He will have to retire by 27. The injury history on him is scary.
  13. When was the last time the Skins had a player like that. A guy with a sixth gear. I don't see why anyone likes the idea of a trade down unless it is the best package of picks ever created in the history of the draft. CY can be a total game changer.
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