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The Sewer That Is The GOP: With All The White Supremacists, Conspiracy Nutters, And Other Malicious Whacko Subgroups, How Does It Get Fixed?

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i'm behind on several things i wanted to post in the last couple weeks but before i even read the article  :) i couldn't resist  posting this just because of the headline (given what's continuing to progress instead of regress on the right wing since 1-6)...also confess i don't read 'salon'










Conservatives are the new "good Germans," enabling and defending Trump's crimes








maybe the article's good :ols:


(and i think the trumplikans have gone far enough in certain areas to at least flirt with the nazi comparisons--i forget the name of the 'rule'....schultz's law? :) )







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He really believes the GOP supporters are stupid, and they may be if they believe him.  After all the head of the Republican party, Donald Trump, literally lives in a country club.

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Cliff notes version:  Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has gone from hosting their “Advance” (don’t call it a retreat bc Rs never retreat.....just to put you in the right frame of mind) has gone from being hosted at the Homestead resort to getting kicked out of the parking lot at Liberty.


Sparing all this misc details, this is to select the 3 R candidates for the highest offices in the Commonwealth.

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