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  1. “If needed.” Implies if a Democratic candidate prevails. Let’s just call it what it is. Otherwise, when it comes to rules.... FREEDOM!!!!!
  2. I had the same thought. Or Sons of Anarchy on horses. The way the incorporate the physical environment in the show adds a great element.
  3. Yeah, but they’ll never take away all your dolls! Don’t let them ever take away your imagination Timmy!
  4. Another vote for Yellowstone here. To those who recommended it previously,
  5. It’s not just about money or the QB situation. It’s also about the fit (how he’s going to be used in the offence, the opportunities - targets, etc.) Ok, so WFT lacks an attractive QB situation. However, how about having Terry McLaurin on the other side. Yes, it could take away opportunities... but it may also provide them too.
  6. I can think of at least a few dozen ways to assert or surrender control that isn’t threatening.
  7. I don’t get the simulated choking. I get that there’s a niche for it. But I’m positive it’s a very small minority. I can’t imagine the average women being turned on my simulated assault during a very vulnerable moment.
  8. As I told my wife. You want quickies? Ok, then we need to screw every day. Because if I’m only getting it a couple of times a week, I’m sorry, but I’m going to take my time and enjoy it.
  9. I’m not really sure of your point. Sorry. I was just saying that Preston Smith didn’t earn any Pro Bowl or All Pro status at any point either. Nor was he as impactful statistically as Allen. And yet he wasn’t inexpensive to sign. The Packers signed him to a 4-year, $64M contract. $16M/year for his production with the WFT, gave everyone sticker shock. So no, I don’t think Allen is going to be inexpensive at all. I think the players are all aware of the huge TV contract coming up, so if anyone is going to sign a long-term deal in this market, it’s going to tak
  10. That didn’t stop Preston Smith from cashing in with the Packers.
  11. For those that want Milano, just listening to WGR Buffalo sports talk radio. They said Sportrac estimated $13.5M/yr. That seems pretty steep.
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