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  1. Remember when Norman criticized Redskins fans about always complaining and never happy? Because we know crap when we see it.
  2. I just saw the NFL scores on the ESPN scoreboard. Good God. I’m so glad I quit on this team after their second loss this year.... which Gruden said for the 2nd time that the team got hit in the mouth and couldn’t respond. I knew this season was lost. This is all just a formality. Unfortunately, given the circumstances.... it looks like next season is a wash too. No hope in the foreseeable future.
  3. Die Hard

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    I dont think I’ve seen any mention the fact the Skins signed Junior Gallette after he was cut by the Saints following a video released where he punched a woman?! The Skins did their due diligence then.... perhaps this could have a similar result, without the 2x Achilles tears.
  4. Die Hard

    2018 Season Injury News

    They most certainly do have nerves (deep fibular nerve for motor.... and superficial nerves for cutaneous (skin) innervation (sensory). I figured it was compartment syndrome due to the nature of injury (being kicked). That could be extremely dangerous and require amputation. That’s what Jason Taylor had when he was here. Emergency fasciotomy.
  5. “Coming off a big win and a bye week, guys should have been fresh, but we just got hit in the mouth early and could never recover.” Thats exactly what he said after the Colts game. That’s a pattern. You want to beat a Jay Gruden team? Receive the ball first, go for the kill shot in the first possession and knock’em out. Glass jaw. They have no resiliency... just quitters. 
  6. Die Hard

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    What am I missing in that pic? Everything looks legit ?
  7. Die Hard

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    You see how the Rams loaded up for a run? They saw an opportunity, a small window and they went all in. Killer instinct.
  8. Die Hard

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Literally every NFC result this week worked in favor of the Skins. What a prime opportunity for for the Skins. Which is why we know they’re gonna blow it. Gotta wait for that run at the end of the season... with backs against the wall.
  9. Die Hard

    Hey Skins fans

    The Packers are a hard team to hate. Even when they’re in their losing cycle.... they are a fun team. I think if anyone has a problem with the Packers... it isn’t to do with the team itself. Moreso the media circle-jerk and butthole fans (that each franchise has) that make them intolerable at times. I just know a few Packers fans personally.... so I love to kick them when they’re down, a little bit ?
  10. Die Hard

    The new tackling rule.......is it realistic?

    Ok. After seeing Bang’s new videos... now I’d have to agree that the defensive player was definitely avoiding landing on the QB. He stuck his right arm out to the side to plant before they even hit the ground.... and his right leg was also out. He was planting to the outside to brace for the fall and not land his weight on the QB. Unfortunate circumstance.... but **** , how many fluke injuries do we see every year with guys tearing ACL’s celebrating touchdowns... and guys getting their legs rolled up on from behind. It’s football... 300lb that are athletic and strong AF, going 100 miles per hour in a violent contact sport. **** happens.
  11. Die Hard

    The new tackling rule.......is it realistic?

    I think it was the correct call on Matthews.... as the rule is written. I’m not a fan of the rule... but as it is written, it was a penalty. Of Matthews 3 flags.... the first was egrigious. That was a blatant foul. The call on Cousins was baloney.... he wrapped him around the waist and took him down in a form tackle. Against Smith... he went head on, yes he moved his helmet to the side.... but he ran THROUGH him and left his feet and landed squarely on top of him with ALL of his weight. It was a perfectly fine sack at any other time previous to the rule. But if that’s the rule.... then it fit the description. However, I did miss Payne’s sack. And I get the impression that apparently he suplexed Rogers.... but wasn’t called.
  12. Oh man, what’s the URL for that?! I want to share that.
  13. Come on. You’re a Redskins fan. So if you feel this way.... you can be assured that we’ll either win (and it makes the Indy game even more maddening).... or we’ll lose at the last second in a comedy of errors (compete just enough to give us the passing belief that we could/should have won the game). Which makes you even resent the fact that you were right all along that they were going to lose.
  14. I don’t want to generalize... because it’s not everybody. It’s just that on a team with 53 players.... it’s too many of them. And it seems to rotate amongst all of them. And the results are what they are.... because even our top players are unable to do it consistently.
  15. Die Hard

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Exactly. It’s bullocks! Every offensive scheme has its foundation. It also has its counter-measures based on variations (adjustments). It has to.... otherwise it would be scrapped. No coordinator is going to risk implementing a system that has a fatal flaw... hoping that other coordinators won’t figure it out.... and then when they do, you just throw up your hands in defeat and quit. And there’s only 11 guys on defense.... so the designs are finite. And considering how long Callahan has been in the NFL.... he’s probably seen everything by now. I mean coaches attend clinics and mastermind with other coaches for counter-measures every offseason. And we play Dallas twice a year, FFS! Sorry, try again.