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  1. You’re speaking/thinking logically. This isn’t truly an issue about voter fraud at all. He has shown no semblance of loyalty to preserving the integrity of any American institutions (ie. democracy). This is about winning an election by suppressing votes. If he thought that voter fraud would work in his favor, then voting fraud is not an issue. Remember, this is a man/party who doesn’t have an issue with foreign interference in elections (as long as it’s in their favor).... why would they have any issue with domestic intereference (if it worked in their favor)???!
  2. You a very self-aware person. However, it is fair to point out, we’re ALL projectors. It can’t be any other way. The real transparency is.... is the amount of ‘insecurity’ (mental/emotional/physical/sexual) that the GOP identifies with. The underlying emotion of fear is so prevalent. It seems to be the only level they’re willing to engage (connect) with the world at.
  3. Exactly. You think his friends list might have been populating his newsfeed? Total cop out. Blame Facebook. He couldn’t possibly be more discerning right?
  4. Strange that Facebook would only promote or publish content specific to COVID being a hoax. How are they able to suppress all the thoughts/opinions and studies of the media, politicians and scientists who say otherwise?
  5. Wait a minute.... so she’s NOT really a secret CIA with a direct line to Trump’s office?!? And she wasn’t arrested because she’s Jewish?!?! Can’t tell any more.... with all the DHS agents running around.
  6. Do we really think Trump is going to let Biden talk?! Biden needs to speak to the American people. He needs to answers their questions. And he’s already executing that. We already know Trump’s platform for his re-election. We also know his narrative of the US under Biden. Nothing to debate. Or even discuss for that matter. It’s just nothing more than an opportunity for mudslinging. With no rules. And I don’t think anyone truly wins in that situation.
  7. We almost have that in Canada ($14). And we can smoke weed legally. Our country didn’t fall apart
  8. Except the way they move is completely different. Reed is fluid (graceful), Moss is lumbering (heavy). I do see some athleticism there like Cooley, when things breakdown. That doesn’t mean he can’t/won’t contribute. But it’ll be interesting how he’ll fare against pro athletes. I think we’re all hopeful we’ve found a gem.... but he could also as easily in the first rounds of cuts too.
  9. Given the circumstances — where we are in the NFL schedule — I just can’t see any team trading for Alex. But, if it’s at all possible, that’s probably the best-case scenario. And I’d love to see if Kyle could pull it off
  10. He’s a sunk cost. His numbers are on the books regardless. And the $$$ spent on the position group won’t change. From my understanding, we’re not cutting him until next offseason anyways. So if I have a choice.... and this is ALL assuming he can play (and resumes the level he left off at), and I understand that may be a very big IF, then I think it’s a pretty good position group.