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  1. Polar bears are badass. Polar bears (at least I’m positive that the males do) will also eat their own young. Nature is both beautiful and ugly
  2. Tip of the iceberg. I bet a LOT of records are going to be missing. Thats what the pardons are for.
  3. Right. Which is why he referred to the journalist as a ‘lightweight’, and that he can’t speak to him like that.
  4. Please excuse my ignorance. Does this imply that Elliot prefers dating women, but being the masculine in the relationship? Because I am under the impression Ellen was gay.
  5. Wait a minute.... I thought it was only the leftist liberals who behaved like this?!?
  6. Is no one going to bring up the WKRP (in Cincinnati) episode when they had a Thanksgiving promotion dropping turkeys out of a helicopter.... and the pandemonium that ensued? Friggin’ hilarious.
  7. You've identified as a long-suffering fan! hahaha
  8. I love how when Montez scores the touchdown, the scoreboard credited the Cowboys with the points!! Hey, the Cowboys QB threw a TD pass so....
  9. Recency bias. When Callahan took over, we went to a power blocking scheme... which never fit our previous personnel. And we couldn’t run the ball at all under Gruden. But they excelled at pass blocking. And why our pass-run ratio was 60-40. And the team couldn’t ever convert short-yardage for first downs.
  10. Any God-loving and God-fearing Republican is a socialist. Have you read the bible? It’s essentially the socialist/communist manifesto!! The poor shall inherent the earth! God would raise taxes and have poor people in your neighborhoods! And God will take away your guns!! What’s that turn your other cheek nonsense! You deserve a messiah who’s mantra is “Lock and load, baby!”
  11. But, but, but.... the stock market. Look at the stock market! Apparently basing a presidential campaign based on the stock market and TV ratings is a losing platform.
  12. So Biden is a 40-year do-nothing politician is now going to undo America? Is there anyone less threatening than Joe Biden? Maybe Fred Rogers.
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