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  1. What are the odds that someone in Japan has already had sex with it?
  2. They’re my only saving grace. But to be fair, the franchise really sucked for a REALLY long time. In fact, they stumbled into this rebuild a few years ago. It wasn’t until ALL the broken down vets were on the DL..... that they finally decided to rebuild - sell off all their assets. Then, because of injuries, they played their young prospects out of necessity.... and they actually played really well. But it wasn’t because Cashman designed it.... the young guns forced his hand. And while the Yankees have been fairly respectable in the W-L column (standings).... they’re actually an incredibly fru
  3. Hold my beer. New York Knicks. Washington Redskins. Buffalo Sabres. New York Yankees. UCLA Bruins. Yikes!!
  4. Another vote for Umbrella Academy. It’s a little bit of everything. 5 really came into his own in the 2nd season. The soundtrack scenes are incredible. Regarding number 1, Luther, What was his special power to begin with..... before he became an ape with super strength? And Klaus. How could his skills translate into stopping crime and saving the world? What use does he play as a child in the Umbrella Academy?
  5. Sure, whatever. He has enablers. He knows this already. As does literally everyone else. The only question remains, what are democrats going to do about it? Because it seems like even the courts are impotent.
  6. Nonsense. His long-term plan in every instance is litigation. Bend the rules, exploit the grey areas.... and then have lawyers do the rest and draw things out as long as possible.
  7. I have no doubt the sentiment is completely reciprocal though. Political correctness would be a standard counter.
  8. As a former football coach, I believe drills should mimic the skills utilized in a game. Unfortunately, most of the football drills I see are ****ing useless. Including this one. In what universe is a back hopping in the same spot in a circle with one hand in the dirt.
  9. Route charts. That’s freakin’ brilliant!
  10. Look at that sea of red hats. Almost no exceptions. No problem putting cotton on your heads right? But on your face, that’s fascism.
  11. Why would Trump ever think that he doesn’t know how to perfectly respond/react? He has been validated every step of his life. Because he surrounds himself with enablers.
  12. Yes, it was an interesting read. Seems on point. I wish any of this mattered, but it doesn’t.
  13. They’re going to take over your suburbs! Theyre going to destroy and steal your property! They’re going to kill your unborn babies! They’re going to rape your wives! And execute every last one if you on the streets in cold blood. These godless heathens and anarchists! But I don’t want to cause a panic! I got a plan for that. Covid, not so much.
  14. Is there any example in the world, where the country’s leadership took the threat serious, and shared the information with the public.... and the citizens of that country subsequently went into a frenzied panic, which exacerbated the effects of virus? Who was Trump trying to prevent panic from? We know he doesn’t give a **** about Democratic cities/states. And we know Republicans aren’t afraid of anything — because they have guns and wouldnt comply with any measures/rules anyways.
  15. That show has been walking dead for about 3 seasons already. How can anyone still be watching that trash?
  16. Some of you are in denial. If he wins this election..... it’s not another 4 more years. It’s 8.
  17. Their biggest fear of all.... rejection (abandonment) in all of its manifestations.
  18. We can connect with others through a variety of platforms (things we share in common). Which includes thoughts/beliefs, values, and emotions (including love and fear). Trump connects with people using fear. It’s a primal and very strong emotional state. And he unites people based on their shared insecurities. And he’s really inclusive. Women, hispanics, Chinese, blacks, Hollywood, poor old sick, politicians, Democrats, etc. So literally ‘everybody’ can connect on some level of irrational hate (resistance). To me, the bigger issue is mental health. You have a significant
  19. You can barely taste the disease, with all the breading. And the frying process basically attentuates the disease.
  20. Donald Trump... officially endorsed by 2 out of 3 terrorists and despots.
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