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Going to Uranus...suggestions?


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My dog and I have decided to take a trip to Uranus for his 12th birthday. Has anyone been there? Is there anything we should definitely see on Uranus? Is there anything good to eat on Uranus? Is Uranus crowded this time of year?

Thanks in advance for your tips and suggestions!

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Screw that (literally). A Condom is far better protection that scrappy tissue.

You know,, in all the possible things I was thinking of to respond to HHs OP with, THAT one never entered my mind.

Something you want to tell us?

Smooching up to Predicto yesterday,, LOVES Journey..



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I made a thread like this making fun of the constant relationship/'what did i do wrong?' threads and it got closed :(

I'm sorry I missed that. I would definitely have participated in that one. I would have gone all Meredith Baxter Birney up in that *****. :)

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