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  1. one for the it's "the small things" file... Won $80 on a $1 pick 3 drawing last night! WooHoo!
  2. I muted the television last night and haven't turned on NFLN or ESPN all day! I just couldn't / can't listen to them gush any more, I am so over it! and yes, I'm a hater also!
  3. In all my years of driving I've found a sure fire way to make some one stop tailgating me... Get out of the way!
  4. I remember a few months back one of the local stations drove around the beltway at 55 and recorded the reaction of other drivers. Needless to say they couldn't show a lot of the footage. And BTW... **** slow drivers in the left lane. My general rule of thumb is that if I'm passing you and I'm in the right hand lane, YOU are in the wrong lane!
  5. That's the important thing. The car can be easily fixed, sometimes the same can't be said about the occupants. I always try to look for the good in all the bad that comes your way from time to time.
  6. All but the deductible. Of course they'll jack our rates up as soon as they possibly can.
  7. Just got the call from the Auto Body shop, Looking at 5k
  8. Just wrecked my damn car! What a great start to the first game day of the year!
  9. Yeah, it's been a minute. Been around just not posting. but... I'm back!!!
  10. Went under a few months back for Carpal Tunnel Release surgery. Talk with the anesthesiologist, if they are worth what they get paid they will be able to calm your fears. Like SS said, they are professionals, they deal with fear and anxiety on a daily basis. Hell, I was a freakin' wreck until I talked with my gal, she had me pretty calm withing minutes. It really helps if/when they walk you through the process.
  11. I don't but after talking options over with friends that have knowledge of flooring I've decided that the best solution for this scenario is, Tear ir up. I'm going to pull up the cement board and start over from that point.
  12. AHHHH!!! Seems that different size tiles in different dye lots is a common occurence, whodathunkit?!? So now I have to pull up the tiles I do have laid and remove the thinset from the cement board, which is what brings me here... Any tips/tricks on making the task of removing thinset from the cement board any easier?!? I was thinking of using my sonic crafter and a rigid scraper blade. Any thoughts?!?
  13. Anyone familiar with flooring... I am using 2 different dye lots for my floors. I am aware that their may be some variation in cloring ut is it normal for the dye lots to be different in size?? The 2 dye lots are exactly 1/8 inch different. Of course I didnt realize this until after I had run 4 rows.
  14. I use the 10% guideline, some use 20% Always get 10% more product/ supplies as you measure out, Always build in a 10% cushion for surprise expenses, the only exception to the 10% rule, is to double the amount of time you think it will take to complete the project.
  15. Forgot about this thread... I'm in the middle of laying 220 sq. ft. of 16x16 tile in my dining room & kitchen. Built up the dining room floor 3/4" to met the kitchen floor, laid the cement board, taped and skimmed the seams. Ready for the tile, gonna start that tomorrow morning.
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