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  1. Too funny. And looks like that guy has a great sense of humor.
  2. Awkward, but I understand what that sentence means in an early grade classroom setting. What's wrong with it? Somebody just pissy about one of their teachers?
  3. I actually came to this thread to post something that just happened, typical when working with cowboys fans. An office staff member says there's no sound to her computer speakers. I ask her to play something on her computer. She acts puzzled like what? I say whatever she was trying to listen to or from windows media player. she still acts confused, and ask me to sit down and "have fun". I go to a website that I know HTTR plays constantly on a loop. there's no sound yet, something's wrong like she said, and she says no no no don't play that I'm a cowboys fan. Meanwhile I look for the
  4. even worse it looks like they got docked 10 mil for 17 mil of spending, while we got docked 36 mil for 36 mil.**** the always whiny and favored and still needing help cowboys.
  5. Yeah, if it wasn't for yet another patented Cowgirl choke job, the Giants probably wouldn't have won a fourth SB. Meanwhile the media asks themselves "why do the Cowgirls disappoint in December" while hyping up the Cows AGAIN this offseason. **** the Cowgirls.
  6. Yeah, the pic looks photoshopped. It's iffy so please take it down, just to be safe. I love seeing what people post here.
  7. When Best Koreans want to gaze at stars, they will bring them to Earth, just like the Moon. bZIgda01k6o
  8. I don't understand how Best Korea's efficiency and energy conservation measures, should be criticized. :mad: Don't environmentalists agree we should be more like this?Like football coaches repeatedly say: "Nothing good happens after 2 am." Best Koreans understand this.
  9. It's preposterous that Best Koreans would want to eat at a McDonald's anyways.
  10. Well, now we're screwed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diCZZj99KpA&feature=related
  11. I didn't see anything wrong in what you posted then deleted.
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