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I'm on the hunt for the Southern Tier Warlock.

Had one of these yesterday and the imperial stout as the base beer is spot on.  I liked it better then Pumpking, the warlock seems a little heavier on the nutmeg but the roastiness from the stout blends with the pumpkin pie really well.  Also lots of cocoa, molasses and vanilla in the flavor with a super warming finish a must try for any pumpkin beer fans.

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Pucker Up, America: Beers Are Going Sour


Move over, bitter IPAs and chocolaty stouts. There's a new kid on the craft brewing block, and it's going to knock your salivary glands into action.


It's called "sour beer." When you take a sip, it's like biting into a Granny Smith apple that's soaked in a French red wine: crisp, refreshing and a bit odd.


Sour beers are probably the oldest style of brew in the world, but they're just starting to get popular in the States. They were all the buzz at this year's . And with hundreds of brewers now dabbling in sours, it's easier than ever to find them at a local bar or grocery store.


Most sour beers have few or no hops. So they're a good option to try if you don't like bitter beers or you're a wine lover who prefers a pinot noir to a Pilsner, says 's CEO, Kim Jordan of Fort Collins, Colo.


New Belgium, which produces the ubiquitous Fat Tire Ale, has started a whole series of sour beers called — one of the most widely available lines of sour.


So what in the heck are these strange brews?


Sours beers are to the adult beverage world what yogurt is to dairy. Its beer that's been intentionally spoiled by bacteria — the good bacteria.

"We use the same microbes that make yogurt, miso and salami," says Alex Wallash, who co-founded , in Berkeley, Calif., one of the few breweries in the U.S. devoted solely to making sour beers.


Bacteria gobble up sugars in the beer and convert them into acids, like the ones in Granny Smith apples and lemons. The microcritters also churn out a smorgasbord of flavors and aromas. The result is a brew that has all the complexity of a wine and the zing of a Sour Patch Kid.


Click on the link for the full article

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why do people like westbrook and danny rouhier believe that people who love IPA's are drinking them for some other reason than the fact that they love hops?


does it not occur to some people that people have different tastes? yes, i make fun of people who love miller lite- but its a cheap, mass produced beer with very little actual flavor- thats not a matter of preference- theres literally not alot there. 


hell, wheat beers make me gag. i dont really like sweet beers. its just the way my taste buds are. although, i did used to hate red wine- but i evolved.


anyway, very annoying. stick to your urine colored, unhoppy beer. i'm very happy with my IPA.

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Picked up some Sweet Baby Jesus at the recommendation of TK and Murph, will be trying it at the tailgate this weekend.



Tried that on tap recently at a local bar.


Honestly, I was disappointed.


love beer.  I love peanut butter. I love chocolate and peanut butter together.  I love beer with chocolate and peanut butter.  Should be a no-brainer, right?

Sadly, Sweet Baby Jesus just tastes like a peanut butter cup without any real beer flavor to give it some depth.  You get the same flavor by ordering a chocolate peanut butter milkshake at your milkshake place of choice.  (Granted the milkshake is colder and slightly thicker.)


So that's not to say it tastes bad - it tastes quite good.  But I'd never order it again when I want a beer.  I'd order it when I want a slightly less cold version of a milkshake.

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Can you recommend any? I'm in Davis, and I want to start expanding my taste in beers.


American River brewing in Rancho Cordova

Roseville Brewing Co. in Roseville

Sudwerks in Davis

Hoppy Brewing Co in Folsom

Berryessa Brewing Co by Lake Berryessa

 (just to name a few)


I know Roseville is a bit of a drive from Davis, but you should hit up The Boxing Donkey, they always have an amazing selection of craft beer on tap.

I have a bottle of Deschutte's XXV Black Butte Porter I've been saving up for a bit....going to crack that baby open tomorrow and share with a buddy of mine.  Can't wait.


I know a bar in town that aged the XXIII BBP for two years and just recently tapped it.

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Had a 2 yeaf old bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest last night. It definitely got worse with age. Do not recommend. I've aged Marzens in the past and they turned out real good. The Sam Adams was plasticy, lost its caramel and spice. Pretty bland, fresh was way more enjoyable.


Dude you age some odd beers, :ols: from what I have read, you shouldn't cellar anything less than 8% abv especially a beer like an IPA.

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Dude you age some odd beers, :ols: from what I have read, you shouldn't cellar anything less than 8% abv especially a beer like an IPA.

Had plenty of aged beers below 8% that turned out awesome. The old Budweiser American Ale was wayyy better with 2 years on it. Simple amber ale. The Loose Cannon was great too. IPA. I'll cellar most beers that aren't macro lagers, and would say about 75% of them get a flavor enhancement.

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I had Warlock at the Snallygaster this past weekend. My wife got the Pumking and I got the Warlock. I sipped them consecutively and I think I liked the Warlock a bit better. She liked Pumking better.

Warlock definitely rocks. I want to find more of it soon. You can definitely tell that they are both brewed to complement one another and be each others counterpart

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After 8 days of not drinking, I just opened a bottle of Flying Dog fear, and it was like a huge weight being lifted off me. Craving some beer SO badly this week, it's pumpkin season and I'm trying to get my drinking habit under control. Bad timing. This beer is wild and crazy. Without looking at the ingredients I'll just give some impressions. Flavor is strong, punches the tastebuds. Cinnamon and nutmeg are strong as heck, very spiced flavor. I get a lot of blueberry, plum, prune and raisin. Chocolate is the backdrop. Drink these outside while having a cigar, that should keep you warm.

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New brewery in southern md is up and running, I have not had a chance to sample anything they make yet, but they should be popping up on store shelves throughout maryland and dc. They said they will not start shipping to va until next year, maybe 2nd quarter, here is their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mullys-Brewery/140214105991473. I have seen some of their kegs in some of my local bars/restaurants, but that was about a month ago before any tapping begun on their product


and here is their website http://www.mullysbrewery.com/


They are open for tours and tastings on the weekends, and growler fillings other times, but cant remember, look at the fb site


Currently they are being distributed by Bob Hall

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Just picked up a 6er of this.....hard to go wrong with Deschutes brewery.




I've always put so much effort in pumpkin ales around Sept/Oct.  2013 was no different, but I think this year I am going to also try a lot of winter/celebration ales too.  

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Six pack of Sierra Nevada Celebration. A lot of sweetness. It's sugary, but with pine and grass hops creating a stark bitterness. Not much malt here, a very slight caramel. Uplifting IPA, kinda wakes ya up with the focus overwhelmingly on high toned flavors. Can see how it works for the holidays.

I primarily drink Imperial Stouts in the winter. I think it's my favorite weather/beer combo. Pumpkin Ales in the fall are a close second.

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