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  1. OK Grego! I finally got some time to write out a solid IPA recipe. A quick background, I started brewing about 6 or 7 years ago because the hoppy beers I was drinking in Vermont were unlike any others I had tasted before and I wanted to be able to make beers like that if/when I moved away. The IPAs up here are light in color, fairly dry, balanced in terms of bitterness, but bursting with floral and citrus flavors. The dryness helps the hops pop and makes the finished product feel crisp and drinkable. Some examples that I loved were The Alchemist's Focal Banger and Heady Topper, Hill Far
  2. I'll put together a good recipe/step-by-step guide for you later this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I'm in and out of meetings until about 4 today and am committed to a yummy beer event tonight, so I'm a bit short on free time, but I won't be complaining about all the delicious sours I get to drink tonight. Anyway, I have one main question. Are you interested in an extract or an all-grain recipe? You might want to try extract at first to simplify the process before moving on to mashing, but I could give a recipe for either one. If you start with extract you can focus on sanitati
  3. No problem. I don't have a particular recommendation for a wort chiller, I made mine with copper tubing from home depot. You don't save too much money by building one these days, so you might as well buy one. You make want to pick up a few extra pipe clamps to make sure you get a very good seal where the copper piping connects to the plastic tubing.
  4. No problem, brewing is fun and I'm a scientist/engineer by nature which makes me extra inquisitive about the brewing process. It's fun to talk about. You're right that you want the beer to cool down first, but I don't really think it's critical. I personally believe that hot side aeration (oxygenating hot wort) is only an issue at the production scale when liquid is being moved around hot by high volume pumps. You'd have to get really crazy with your homebrew setup to get enough oxygen in the hot wort to make a difference. When the wort is hot, worry more about not burning yourself.
  5. Did you get to try any of the Hill Farmstead beers? If not, you may have to schedule a return trip. On a side note, summers are awesome up here. Everyone should come visit.
  6. Hey Grego, Just thought I'd chime in since you haven't had an answer yet. The two flavors you describe, band-aid and wet cardboard, are two pretty common off flavors in homebrews. The band-aid flavor is usually associated with phenols as you mentioned (more specifically chlorine in the water), and wet cardboard is usually oxidation. The band-aid flavors are usually produced by phenols which occurs when the yeast are stressed during the early stages of fermentation or chlorine is present in the wort. Some yeast strains are more likely to produce phenols than others, Belgian st
  7. There was a good article about my favorite local (to VT) brewery in the NYT this weekend. I think it's worth a read if you're someone who follows this thread.
  8. I like it. It's a good, but not great, sour. I usually prefer more of a sourness in a beer like that, but hey, different strokes. We even get it in our local grocery store which is awesome. Speaking of sours, I had an amazing one the other night in Hill Farmstead's Phenomenology of Spirit. Dark and roast with a fruity cherry aroma and significant tartness. Incredibly good.
  9. We have in up here in Vermont occasionally, but it's not part of regular distribution. Just specialty beer nights at certain bars.
  10. I don't know about him, but you can usually get Pliney and a few other Russian River beers at Monk's Cafe in Philly. GREAT beer bar.
  11. Yea, when the Skins are getting blown out and the snow has turned to freezing rain, I'm perfectly willing miss the 2nd half kickoff to wait in a long line for hot chocolate.
  12. Popped the big question just after Thanksgiving and enjoyed my favorite beer at the same time. Luckily my lady is a fellow beer dork and is a particularly big fan of sours. JACKPOT!
  13. Well it's not like someone is going to make a video of the billions of miles Russians drive safely every year. There's a pretty strong selection bias here.
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