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  1. Had one of these yesterday and the imperial stout as the base beer is spot on. I liked it better then Pumpking, the warlock seems a little heavier on the nutmeg but the roastiness from the stout blends with the pumpkin pie really well. Also lots of cocoa, molasses and vanilla in the flavor with a super warming finish a must try for any pumpkin beer fans.
  2. Yeah I saw the octoberfests out this weekend and IMO way way too early. I like to have my marzens with regular season football at the earliest. I wont even get into pumpkin beers as they are also way early IMO
  3. To celebrate i had SN Torpedo Extra IPA. Quite a few notches below the Heady Topper and Hill Farmstead but pretty darn good. Though I did split a Heady Topper with my bro in law last weekend (oh the joys!!!) I really need to make a pilgramige to VT and load up. Migth be a problem loading up since they apparently dont let you buy too many at a time..
  4. Got my Espresso IRS chilling as well going to have it later in the afternoon. Outside by myself w/o the wife and kids as a Fathers Day treat for me!
  5. Has to be my favorite DIPA to date I talked about it earlier in the thread for the amount of IBU (~120) it is incredibly well balanced and easy to drink. If you are a fan of IPAs you will love the Heady Topper..enjoy it is hard to comeby outside of Vermont.
  6. Love Monk's I'll be there on Saturday, though Im not a huge fan of Belgian style beers, I do love the mussles and pom frittes with a couple of nice Belgian Ales I've never heard of at Monk's.
  7. If this were to happen I would jump off my roof I just dont see how the best pure LB prospect (not including 3-4 OLBs) would fall to the 3rd round but man would I be extatic with that pick!
  8. LOL our employers must use the same internet security filters because I get the same message...
  9. So my 2005 Infiniti G35x started making a high pitch squeal upon starting especially when it has cooled (after I leave work or home in the morning). The car squeals for a minute then it behaves normally during my general commute. I've heard other cars do this but I have no idea what is causing the high pitch squeal. Taking it to the dealer next week i just want to know what I can expect. I assume its a belt of some sort but not really sure.
  10. Off the top of my head right now: The Great Divde: Oak Aged Yeti Bar Harbor Brewing: Cadillac Mountain Stout
  11. I too had this during hurricane Sandy and I tell ya it is a monster and very good. I dont think I like it as much as you but I'd agree it is a damn good bear. It is a sipper because at over 15% alcohol it demands respect. In addition, the huge malt bill makes this one a clear choice to sip slowly on a cold winter evening in front of a fire.
  12. Just cracked open a 22 of Stone 16 Anniversary DIPA. The scent is amazing filling up the room
  13. 2012 SN Tumbler is an excellent brown get after it for gameday
  14. Yeah the Smuttynose has been my go to in the fall, really good. Avery has one as well not as good as the Old brown dog but pretty solid brown ale
  15. Yeah same around my parts. The Sam Smith is really good but I'm looking to try new ones that I've never had before. It might be a bit tricky with the limited availability of brown ales.
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