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  1. I work for the Budweiser distributor now that services fedex On game days , especially vs the giants eagles and cowboys ... I’m going to float around and squirt some visene in their draft beer when they order it ... lol , if you’re wearing skins garb you’re safe
  2. Anyone ? Location preferred is LL , Caps shoot 2x side , but not totally necessary. Or anything in the club in the corners , let me know thanks !
  3. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    OK but who changes the keg when its empty? LMAO
  4. DButz65

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Good bye season tickets, you were always with me since the age of 5 (when my dad started taking me to games, and put in my name about 25 years ago) you never complained or ****ed or moaned. You were the perfect non wife I never had. Two of those have gone by the wayside (never again!) But I will always back my Skins!! I'll go to a few games a year still, maybe more, but two tickets will be available in 225 row 1 when the upgrading starts folks, they were good seats, go grab em!
  5. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    Rick the perlick faucets are self cleaners, you should never see any yeast build in them if ever, except on the threads that the shank nut tightens on for the faucet
  6. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    No you don't need the PH testers , especially with such short lines , you will be able to see the changeover from cleaner to beer , which should only be a few seconds, just count to 3 after it turns to beer and you're fine. Yea they will have to drill a hole in your box for the other gas tank , might as well just have them run both outside as long as there is room where it won't interfere with the compressor and stuff , and they SHOULD run a braided high pressure line for the Guinness P.S. Perlick faucets are self cleaners meaning you don't have to remove them and disassemble to clean them , just check the rear washer every now and then for wear and replace if necessary, do not remove all the interior seals and crap on them , you need a special tool to get them back in
  7. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    First off those spring loaded faucets are crap, and probably coated with stainless steel, and over time, that layer will wear off inside the faucet exposing the brass core its wrapped around on the plunger, which in most cases will give your beer a off taste. What ever faucets you go with, make sure they are totally stainless steel (those are always more expensive then the coated ones) To clean the guiness line if you buy one of those bottles you have to make sure it has a hookup for the European coupler, your best bet is to just buy one of these and get two hook ups on it, one for normal couplers and one for the guiness , there is a 2.5 gallon model (pictured) and a 5 gallon model, same size as a sixtel of beer Micromatic makes the best coupler and faucets for guinness, so goto their site to find those , perlick makes a guinness coupler but its crap in my opinion The slow pour faucet for guinness and other nitro beers arent front or rear sealing , its totally different than normal faucets, get the micromatic one here as well. Also you need a 75/25 nitrogen/c02 blend to run guinness, dont try to run it off of c02, it will taste horrible and make the keg go flat. At the same time dont run normal beers off of the 75/25 blend, your keg will go flat. So basically for guinness you need to run a separate gas source for it. Ditch the spring loaded faucets all together, its a gimmick so you dont have to push the handle back when finished pouring, we call those the lazy mans faucets in my line of work (im a draft technician lol) At a minimum you want to can your lines every month, the brewers association suggests every 2 weeks because yeast and bacteria start to grow in your lines at about 1.5 weeks, but on a kegerator where the lines are short once a month will suffice. Ive never used the cheap line cleaning materials and equipment so i cant comment on those, but stay away from the powder cleaners and use only approved liquid caustic and acid cleaners. Acid line cleaning is done 4 times per year(once per quarter) it removes beer stone where as caustic cleaners do not.
  8. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    I do not know how the shipments work at all, not my department :)> Im sure its between the supplier, the brewery and us on what gets shipped and how much
  9. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    We just picked wicked weed up! Premium of DC and VA! I have not had a chance to sample their beers yet We also carry Foothills out of NC as well, good stuff
  10. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    Boozy pipe dream becomes reality for Belgian beer lovers http://wtop.com/food/2016/09/boozy-pipe-dream-becomes-reality-for-belgian-beer-lovers/ Jesus christ, 2 miles? Im not even sure a half barrel (15.5 gallons) would fill a beer line 2 miles long! seriously ~~ and cleaning that line when the time comes? hahahaha what a freaking nightmare!!~!
  11. DButz65

    Official Cash Lot Parking Thread (merged)

    I think the food trucks were just for the home opener this year but someone can correct me. Last year there were no food trucks in the redzone lot at any game that I remember. There was a band at every game though, in the middle of the lot close to the road where everyone walks up to the stadium, Also there is a portable bathroom complete with running water and sinks off to one side of the stage for the band, much better than the don jons lol
  12. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    Corona light (on draft) was very good when I had it not too long ago, I hate ML and its our best selling beer, see sig lol
  13. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    Thats not really saying a whole lot hah
  14. DButz65

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Forget all of those other grills, dang why couldnt this be out already, I would of bought one! Watch the video, amazing https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shakenblakecarson/carson-rodizio-roadcase
  15. DButz65

    The Beer Thread

    Its available in northern va, Ive seen Firestone a lot, but they are distributed by a small distributor, so if not available where ever you shop, have them order it for you