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  1. Kyle and MIke Shanahan should be fired right after this game and not allowed to fly back to DC... all of that work to go down to try and tie the game, and you ****ing go for two points and lose the game on a play like that??????? SMDH I dont care what our record is, one play never loses a game but this time it did! sad

    1. goskins10


      The standard play is go for the win on the road so you can avoid overtime and their crowd. You go for the tie at home where you have your crowd. They were moving the ball at will and could end it in one play without the falcons touching the ball. You are over-reacting. They may need to be fired but not because they went for two.

    2. skinsforlife101


      @goskins10 I would agree with you if Atlanta was going down the field and scoring TD's every drive but they were not in this situation you tie the game.

    3. goskins10


      That has no bearing in the conversation. Even so, this was a single decision among many many others ina game. To hang this much on the coaches or anyone on this call is absurd. It's a huge over-reaction. Also, everyone in the NFL world that is or has played has agreed going for 2 was the right call.

  2. Giants tickets available for sundays game, section 204 row 3 green parking, asking 275 less than face! message me pls

  3. **** The Cowboys! Yea lol

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