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  1. Lucky you still notta here. Its bull**** i paid my invoice in march and these idiots cant get me my tickets within 3 days of the first game loosing my patience with this team
  2. Not sure if you can access parking with a digital pass. In the past you couldnt
  3. I still have heard nothing from fed-ex or the redskins
  4. Nothing here either. looks like they waited as long as possible to send to the printer in hopes of added late season ticket holders
  5. Yep was wondering that myself. its usually the end of july. Would of thought we would have gotten a notice by now
  6. Thanks for the info. Didnt know that
  7. The discount card is for the redskins store. Not sure how that would tie into fanatics
  8. I Was not happy with the whole upgrade process. Never got a notification about my upgrade date and time. I called the ticket office and had to give him my account number 3 times before he was able to tell me my day was Thursday at 12pm and I was sent an email with a link to access the upgrade process. I tried to access the link and was not able to see any tickets. I called the office again and was told they were having issues and was told there were no tickets available for me. I have been a ticket holder for 13 years and my upgrade window was during the last wave. Not sure how that is possibl
  9. I went as well. Didnt think to ask about upgrades
  10. Anyone get an upgrade window yet. Seems to be running later this year
  11. I just tried to access the red zone and got an error message?
  12. May 18 same as you Sorry mine is may 16. Maybe it has to due with upper vs lower. Im lower level
  13. My window is wednesday @ 2pm. 11 yr ticket holder
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