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  1. Exactly what do you think he would get in a trade? I think you're grossly overvaluing him if its anything more than a late round pick.
  2. I think we expose Kuzy in the expansion draft. We've been done with him for a few years now, and it's just time. He needs to be somewhere else.
  3. There's a video of the incident on RMNB from a different angle thats shows Buchnevich kicking his skate at Vanicek, which is what seems to draw Wilson's ire. Considering skate kicking is the absolutely worst thing you can do in hockey, I think Buchnevich got off light and I am perfectly fine with Wilson's retaliation. As for Panarin...
  4. The short answer is yes, there is a "shelf" which is actually just a long thin foam pad. You will notice it, especially if there's a big difference in firmness, which it sounds like there is. The longer answer is, I bought the cheapest one. You can buy more expensive models that come with more padding on top and have other features. What I did was I added a three inch memory foam topper and a thick mattress pad. You may have to play around with what works best for both you and your wife cause the topper was where things got complicated. Heat retention, it kept moving, etc. Eventually, we got e
  5. Good to know. Best physical therapist I've ever had was a former D1 basketball player whose knowledge of kinesiology, acupuncture and dry needling was astounding. Doctors here in NC just aren't as good. This new place seemed like a product of today's "get em in get em out" philosophy.
  6. I recently did PT at OrthoCarolina which was supposed to be a really good place, but now I'm convinced PT has become a scam too. Very little warmup and no ice down/massage after. There was one older woman is a doctors coat walking around and the rest were twelve year olds just out of PT school. my co-pay was $70
  7. My initial thought is that this is GMBM's Forsberg equivalency trade. This will probably be the move that gets him fired, which is ironic because it's clearly a desperate move he's trying to make to keep his job. At least Laviolette is doing a good job.
  8. Got my first dose(Pfizer) at a Walgreens here in Charlotte. Arm is surprisingly sore, much more so than the flu shot, but otherwise no side effects. Haha, stupid parents, they said smoking would never get me anything.
  9. We just can't avoid Pierre McGuire. He is the worst. i'd like to see a chart of how many positive comments are made about each team by this crew.
  10. I think as more games are released that have been optimized for the Series X, the experience will improve. The 4K Blu-ray player is definitely a disappointment.
  11. The defensive pairings still need time to gel.
  12. Nazis!!! it's 2021, you should have two TV's. Start a GoFundMe
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