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  1. Kurd Cudins

    Richardson released

    I’m not a Dunbar basher, but he hasn’t exactly acted intelligently or composed over the past week. My question is, was there language in the contracts that the team could void it, and or walk away? Yes? So they exercised their contractual right? ...the players are too stupid to collectively bargain to have guaranteed contracts...
  2. Kurd Cudins

    Poll: Should Pete Rose be Reinstated to MLB?

    No. Now that sports gambling is widely legalized, it's even more important to emphasize that betting on ones own games will get one permabanned with no exceptions. It's unfortunate that Pete Rose is too stupid and immature to understand his mistake. He really doesn't get it.
  3. So, his lawyer verified the source of funds to both the bank and police but a police report was still filed? I hate stupid people so much.
  4. Kurd Cudins

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    5 years made the most sense all along. Ovi will sign a 4 year deal and those will expire at the same time as Oshie and Kuzy, so we will really be able to evaluate and reset as needed. We are going to be an old as **** team in a few years though.
  5. Kurd Cudins

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    I met the Grateful Dead when I was in high school. They were really cool but Jerry was pretty whacked out. I have their autographs on a Senate Ballroom menu.
  6. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled wasn't convincing the world he didn't exist, it was convincing us that someone else made the pick.
  7. Kurd Cudins

    SH: Which Americans Are the Smartest?

    I have lived in North Carolina for almost a year. There is no way it should be anywhere near the top. Criteria needs adjustment. Whatever happened to good ole IQ tests? My favorite statistic has always been, "half of you have below average intelligence."
  8. Kurd Cudins

    Dream Seats not to Dreamy

    The rats and mice have truly taken over.
  9. Kurd Cudins

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    I would argue it's because our fanbase is too arrogant and stupid to accept the fact that it's the fault of ownership, the general manager, and front office in general so the aforementioned awfulness is perpetuated.
  10. Kurd Cudins

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Have you been watching? I think the way our play dipped with him out and rebounded with him back in, disproves your theory. He has been great. Especially considering having him allows us to move other guys down a pairing.
  11. Kurd Cudins

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I'm calling BS on that being a woman.
  12. Kurd Cudins

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Don't you EVER apologize to those morons. EVER!!!!
  13. Kurd Cudins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Someone sitting in the front row behind one end zone should have a poster with an apple tree and a picture of George Allen at the top of the tree. Someone sitting in the first row of the opposite end zone should have a poster of an apple and Bruce Allen.
  14. Kurd Cudins

    Report: Josh Norman being shopped by Redskins

    So, an individuals poor performance can't possibly be on the individual, simply because he is surrounded by other poor performers? At this point I think you may be trolling yourself.