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  1. And BOOM goes the dynamite
  2. Siegenthaler needs to be playing
  3. Djoos has been so bad.
  4. This is really weird. Only explanation is technical difficulties. Now 7:20?
  5. Without question. Dirty hit to the head in a very dangerous position
  6. That’s the thing. He still seems capable, but he is making terrible decisions. Often, holding the puck for WAY too long. His propensity to bring the puck out of the offensive zone, even though we are already set, is also quite frustrating.
  7. I agree. We looked very sloppy in the defensive zone and our overall play lacked the same “crispness” we played with last year. Last nights game showed me that we are more skilled then they are, and we can even get away with sub par play, but that runs out quick in the playoffs. Side note: Kuznetsov’s game is absolutely broken right now. I hope he’s dealing with an injury cause the alternative is mental. Broken.
  8. Kurd Cudins

    Greatest Athlete in D.C. History (team sports)

    Were you, by chance, at a baseball field in Connecticut this past Saturday?
  9. Kurd Cudins

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    I thought it was funnier that he couldn’t get up. And don’t fret, where do you think that POS is going to end up? You’ll have plenty to laugh at for eternity.
  10. I get that. A guy that bought my $89 listed ticket said it ended up costing him around $120 with taxes and fees. That’s insane. As a STH I get discounted fees.
  11. Looks like Kempny had hamstring surgery and is out 4-6 months. Ticketmaster is by far the best place to get resales. In many cases STH’s can’t use any other site to resell because of the paperless ticketing system.
  12. The problem isn't that we signed Flowers with the idea of re-purposing him as a guard. The problem is that we gave $4 million to a guy who has proven to be ineffective in this league. We are counting on something to happen that has a very low chance of happening. We keep trying to put square pegs in round holes and it only works if the peg is small and leaves gaps. Sure, we are going to bring in a rookie to compete, but our never ending moronic attempts to fix the LG position are becoming increasingly hilarious.
  13. Kurd Cudins

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    It was given to the Jewish people by diplomatic order as reparations for the atrocities committed during WW2, but that's not in any way related to my previous comment. The point is the Arabs didn't use diplomacy, they used violence.
  14. Kurd Cudins

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    We have, though. What I meant to say was, people care a lot less about the Redskins.
  15. Kurd Cudins

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    It really bothers me that a bunch of countries decided to attack a country they didn't like, lost and are still ****ing about it so many years later. They didn't try to negotiate with Israel, they tried to destroy them. Instead, they got their asses handed to them and lost a considerable amount of land. They should feel fortunate Israel was kind enough to give some of it back.