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  1. I think as more games are released that have been optimized for the Series X, the experience will improve. The 4K Blu-ray player is definitely a disappointment.
  2. The defensive pairings still need time to gel.
  3. Nazis!!! it's 2021, you should have two TV's. Start a GoFundMe
  4. Apparently these idiots have moved from Parler to Gab. This is the mental picture Gab gives me...
  5. I keep convincing myself its not worth it to pay $100 for Center Ice cause of all the national games we play and the likelihood that the season doesn't finish and I don't get a refund.
  6. At this point, they should basically use the inauguration as a trap. If you show up, you go to jail. If you show up armed, you get killed.
  7. Marvel should just have The Punisher come out of the closet. New tag line: "I Punish ass!" Those homophobic assholes won't know what to do with themselves.
  8. Respect. Mad ****ing respect. That's a next level baller move.
  9. Veteran minimums are going up. He was playing on a prorated $910k contract. Your numbers are not realistic.
  10. The person that puts Steven Sims in as punt returner needs to be fired and banished from Football Team Park.
  11. My opinion of him is mostly based on his lack of character and/or integrity. I also believe he does not possess any redeeming qualities. You're more than welcome to try to present some, but I'd be careful who you align yourself with.
  12. My list is long, but every skins fan that doesn't put Len Pasquarelli at the top of their list doesn't know what they are talking about. His health problems make me feel warm and tingly inside. I genuinely hope he dies after a long painful battle with rectal cancer.
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