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  1. What are the odds the video game industry figures out a way to make physical games non-tradeable/sellable?
  2. I think people are underestimating the coaching staff's view of Kyle Allen's potential. I don't agree with them yet, but they are high enough on him, that coupled with Smith's reemergence, it would be surprising if we took a QB in the first. If I had to make a really premature guess, based on need, I'd guess LT.
  3. PSA: The Sony 65X900H is on Black Friday sale at various retailers for $1000 marked down from $1400. It is widely rated as the best value TV that has all the next gen features. These are not necessarily that important, but if thats your thing and you're a Sony person like me, great deal. The TCL 6 series looks better and is only $900 but doesn't have all the features and TCL has had issues with uniformity.
  4. Upon further inspection the Series X box has two inch thick foam padding that encases the console. Whatever put the hole in the box was stopped by that. Good looking out Microsoft. **** you Amazon and UPS.
  5. I actually had a shih tzu too. Oju booju. Alrighty then...
  6. The Amazon packaging was suspect at best. They didn't use the bubble wrap on all sides so the Series X box was clearly shifting and hitting the outer box. Its working fine and it seems more solid than previous consoles. I was worried about it being bigger but its a great size and the shape is better. I like the controller too. Slightly(very) smaller with better grip.
  7. It was you!!! You destroyed my package as revenge for promoting AC Valhalla!!! There's a viking horde in your future.
  8. My online gaming buddy who is a warehouse worker for Fedex told me our boxes probably got thrown 15 times.
  9. Finally got my Series X from Amazon. By the looks of the packaging and the hole in the Series X box, I'd say this thing was thrown around quite a bit. Not too happy about it. The UPS delivery guy was kind of a piece of **** as well and gave me the impression he didn't treat the package with much respect. Downloading Valhalla now.
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