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  1. Great guy! I had tunnel passes a year ago, and he was super nice to my boys, stopped and signed their football and talked with them. Nicest guy on the team that day.
  2. eorndorff

    New BANG! Redskins Cartoon: Hostage Situation

    So funny. So sad. So true!!
  3. eorndorff

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Can anyone else see into the future, as we acquire the number one pick, Brucifer stands before his subjects and proudly announces, how this season was a necessary part to finish his master plan “it means you’re close” and the future is bright. He will lie and take credit for this terrible season and spin it to look like he has a clue. Please Bruce...look into the mirror and just go away.
  4. eorndorff

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Is there even a slight chance that Bruce/Dan pay no attention what so ever to this forum? If you own a billion dollar business, how can you not be aware? There is a direct link on their very own website. They have to look at this on occasion. This board represents all the people who IMO care more about this team than anyone. For better or worse, it is a Microcosm of how they are perceived. I can’t imagine having this much of an accurate reflection of how I am thought of, and not having the self awareness to “fix it”!!
  5. eorndorff

    Season Ticket Holders Mutiny

    Every time I receive a survey I write “Fire Bruce Allen” on it as much as I can, and also give very poor ratings in most things.
  6. eorndorff

    Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

    It’s nice to see the explosiveness of Gruden’s offense with McCoy and all of his experience running this offense!
  7. eorndorff

    Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

    I wonder which team will make the better adjustments at halftime?
  8. eorndorff

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Giants

    Tress Way = our only good player
  9. I am selling two tickets to the Giants at Redskins game on 12/22. Section 241 on the isle with roof overhead. 100.00 each. I can transfer electronically.
  10. eorndorff

    Season Ticket Renewals

    You can call the ticket office and they just lie to you to get off the phone. I called today and they said you’ll have a fed ex tracking number by this evening. Surprise, that hasn’t happened. I called back at 4 and waited 30 minutes and no answer. They literally should never wonder why no one wants season tickets. They are beyond pathetic.
  11. eorndorff

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Nothing here yet either. I clearly marked hard copy tickets. Redskins just continue to be crappy at everything they do in the ticket office.
  12. eorndorff

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Section 101 has 18. 142 has 53 ish. 202 has 4. 203 has 13. 201 has none. 241 has none. 240 has 12.
  13. eorndorff

    Season Ticket Renewals

    My window was today at noon. I tried and got in now. There are a lot of good seats as of now.
  14. eorndorff

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    I feel like there is no way we could keep McVay, as much as I like him, and would love to see him be our head coach. His character is so high, he would never accept a position, if it would have cost Jay his job. Hopefully, one day he will come back around. Until then, I will always root for him. He is a prodigy.