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World Cup 2022 Thread (Ole.... oleololeole...ole... ole...)


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I agree with you on the offside calls at the arm.  If you are measuring from sleeves...


Disagree with the Portugal vs. Uruguay handball.  The context of those two plays is different.  The unpenalized one is a cross in the corner with the player sliding in simultaneously. The handball was perfectly times nutmeg and he was through on goal so if was a clear oppurtunity on goal. 


I got Netherlands 2-0... I think their players will overpower US. Also can we see Gio start for Sargent? Looking forward to this test.

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It’s really unfortunate that scoring opportunity came so early in the match.  Pulisic buries that if he’s in the flow.  Those early unexpected chances really catch you off guard and it’s easy to rush the shot.  

Anyway, you can’t compete with top teams if you let guys wander in the box unmarked.  Both of those goals were result of lazy (and tired) marking.  Gotta dig deep in those moments.  Adams needs to be sprinting back on the 1st and Dest just fell asleep trying to catch his wind on the 2nd.

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Better for the US this half... but we lack both a target man and people who can hit the corners of the goal from outside or near outside the box. Watching Pulisic put up a prayer and Mckennie skying in one over the bar.


CONCACAAF fizzled out as the weakest region this cycle.  Was thinking about who the Dutch have to face on a regular basis in addition to the Portgual, France, Germany, Italy and Spain powerhouses who alwaya field dangerous strikers and even midfield attackers.  Serbia with Mitrovic and Vlahovic. Croatia with Kramaric and a number of dangerous offensive players.   Swiss with Embolo, Xhaka and Xaquiri.  

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