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  1. I mean the Astros will find a way to hack the system!
  2. My season has probably been saved! Thankfully one owner decided to release Cousins a couple of weeks ago and I gladly picked him up. Cause I had Trubinsky, Mayfield, and Dalton! I have a 12 team league and I've always waited like the 6th round to draft a QB. Well, this year it finally haunted me!
  3. Are there any other avenues too purchase World Series tickets other than buying them on a third party website? I've already looked and found some sites like StubHub, vivid seats, and SeatGeek, but tickets (oh my*) tickets are pricey! Cheapest I've seen was 500, However, it something I expected though. I know during the season you can buy directly at the team's website and such but haven't found the link. I was given the assignment from my dad and he wants to go, and pretty much this is the first time I am attempting topo buy postseason tickets.
  4. Would you guys consider picking up David Jones? I know that he played well in the preseason games? Here are my QB's Baker Mayfield Mitchel Trubisky (SP) Andy Dalton. If I do pick him up I would be releasing Trubisky!
  5. Cannon beach Oregon!
  6. Recently, it seems like I have been getting these malware warning when i click into some of the threads within this site. Which I am not sure if it on my end or your end! If it in my end I do apologize!
  7. I can see him get a 10 game suspension from this hit!
  8. It's a 2003 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. Just drove it and I even can't go pass 40mph
  9. I'm starting to despise cars. So I have this reoccurring issue when my car is struggling to gain speed. I had the same problem last year but my dad unclogged the exhaust pipe that had the flexible attached. So I had to get it fixed in March due to I had to get my emission test. Passed with flying colors, but last Saturday it was starting to feel the same problem. So thinking that the the the pipe was good. I changed the Catalytic converter with the engine manifold. Unfortunately didn't solve the problem. So we changed air filter, cleaned the intake, and the PC valve and put fuel injector fluid. I'm pretty sure that if I unclogged the pipe it will work perfectly. But don't want to spend another $200 + again to get my emission test to pass. A
  10. There has been a debate in whether to change the transmission fluid on high milage cars. I have a 2003 Toyota Camry with over 200K, and it seems like it may need to change the transmission fluid, because it's been sluggish at times changing gears, and its been skipping too. I've heard that if you change the fluid of your car that it'll do more harm then good. So I have no clue on what to do. Any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Just finished watching Man with an Iron Fist. Good thing I rented it on Redbox, cause I just thought it was a strange movie. Good fighting scenes, alright acting, and plot was eh. Just copied and paste the synopsis "On the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold, a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier descend upon a village in feudal China, where a humble blacksmith looks to defend himself and his fellow villagers."
  12. lol I had no clue what I was doing!!! Your score is: 2682 (Drafting Ability: C-, Player Quality A-, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 25 (HOU): Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia (B-) Round 3 Pick 27 (HOU): Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU (A) Round 3 Pick 29 (N.E.): Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M (C+) Round 4 Pick 19 (NYG): Brennan Williams, OT, North Carolina (C+) Round 4 Pick 22: Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina (A) Round 5 Pick 19 (NYG): Shawn Williams, SS, Georgia (A) Round 5 Pick 21: Reid Fragel, OT, Ohio State (A) Round 5 Pick 29: Tavarres King, WR, Georgia (A-) Round 6 Pick 23: Michael Williams, TE, Alabama (B+) Round 7 Pick 22: Patrick Omameh, OG, Michigan (F)
  13. I see Netherlands and Germany heading to the next stage.
  14. haven't watched wrestling for a while, but haven't some good wrestlers left WWE to other Wrestling federations.
  15. This is my cousin and I at Johney Rockers in Georgetown. Good thing my cousin does not read this forum, because I don't think she be happy putting her picture on the internet.
  16. Wasn't smoking anything, but I had several drinks of vodka with Cranberry juice.
  17. this picture was taken 2 weeks ago, at my cousin apartment at DC. Enjoy
  18. I am with my family in Nicaragua. I am in the right wearing the black jacket
  19. This was last christmas, I was in Nicaragua the first is me with the Christmas hat with the kaki shirt, and the second is me in the Santa Clause suit.
  20. this is a picture in one of a town in Nicaragua. It's a poor town. This is a picture of my mom, and relatives and me. I am wearing the bage shirt. Two people that are wearing yellow shirts lives in the town, and the guy that is sitting down or on the bottom is the priest. Those three are not related to me.