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  1. Bye bye Brendon Dillon, Caps just traded him to the Jets for two 2nd round picks. I have a feeling this move was in order to resign Ovi. https://www.japersrink.com/2021/7/26/22595303/capitals-trade-brenden-dillon-to-winnipeg-jets
  2. Crossing my fingera that the Kraken won't pick Vanacek (sp)
  3. Read somewhere that is going to be released to the public tomorrow.
  4. What no more Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati? I know that ESPN is going to be covering Nationally Broadcast games. If its no longer on Comcast SportsNet which channel is going to show the local games? In other news the Protection players are going to be due today for the expansion draft.
  5. The Innocent (Spanish show) on Netflix is a limited tv series. If you do decide to watch some parts of the show especially in episode 5 is disturbing.
  6. Terrible situation the Canucks are in. However, speaking about Holtby I just checked his stats which are not the great what would be the chances of the Caps trading for him this season. I've heard that MacLellan is looking to trade for more playoff experienced goaltender.
  7. I'm not sure if this is mentioned in here. Netflix has some good International Series! Im sure the majority of you know about Money Heist and Lupin. Netlfix Series -Vas a Vis (Locked Up) Spanish. Currently watching right now. I'm on Episode 3 and its good - 50M2 Its in Turkish
  8. My season has probably been saved! Thankfully one owner decided to release Cousins a couple of weeks ago and I gladly picked him up. Cause I had Trubinsky, Mayfield, and Dalton! I have a 12 team league and I've always waited like the 6th round to draft a QB. Well, this year it finally haunted me!
  9. Are there any other avenues too purchase World Series tickets other than buying them on a third party website? I've already looked and found some sites like StubHub, vivid seats, and SeatGeek, but tickets (oh my*) tickets are pricey! Cheapest I've seen was 500, However, it something I expected though. I know during the season you can buy directly at the team's website and such but haven't found the link. I was given the assignment from my dad and he wants to go, and pretty much this is the first time I am attempting topo buy postseason tickets.
  10. Would you guys consider picking up David Jones? I know that he played well in the preseason games? Here are my QB's Baker Mayfield Mitchel Trubisky (SP) Andy Dalton. If I do pick him up I would be releasing Trubisky!
  11. I can see him get a 10 game suspension from this hit!
  12. It's a 2003 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. Just drove it and I even can't go pass 40mph
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