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World Cup 2022 Thread (Ole.... oleololeole...ole... ole...)


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Medias showed the replay, what struck me is that only one spanish player put his arms up in the air protesting, there was absolutely no complaining, nor any commotion, as it usually happens with this kind of play :rolleyes:

By finishing second Spain got Germany out and avoid the most difficult oppponents of the last 16, Brazil and Argentina.



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I saw a replay that showed the ball in using the chip Adidas installed... by like 5 mm. 


Frustrated that we don't get the graphics for all plays... I felt Portugal was close to offsides on their goal, but no replay. 


South Korea needs to nick a goal and can advance.  Portugal Leao will probably score here though...

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South Korea!!!!!! 


Wife is Korean and I was telling her "You have to wake up and watch..." even after the first goal Portugal scored.  They scored off a set piece and it was brought back... and then equalized...


Was on a work call hearing "son of Fergasun" shouting goal.  We were telling my wife not to give up on her country, but she had no faith they could win.  


If World Cup doesn't excite you for soccer, please check your pulse.  I dipped my toes in it for the 2002 World Cup... and have not stopped enjoying World Cup madness since then. It is more fun when you follow the drama and players. 


I have no sympathy for Uruguay players... I think that their guy stomped in a Ghana in the game and the ref didn't even give a yellow.  They were flopping the whole game hoping for a penalty.  Disappointing for Darwin Nunez... but they also didn't start their best midfielder until today.

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There's no way that there won't be more goals in this one... perhaps some controversy as well? 


I think the officials have been doing very well this World Cup... VAR a success for the most part even if they miss stuff -- didn't even look at whether there was an intentional stomp from Uruguay...

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On 12/1/2022 at 2:42 PM, FrFan said:

It's not about the deflection just that the ref wasn't allowed to use VAR

The ref was wrong which is bad

The goal offside/deflected goal should have been awarded which would have been bad

Instead of moving on and taking the loss, our ass clown FFF president filed an official complaint which is making it even worst.


Maybe they should consider it payback for Henry's handball against Ireland.


Not that Ireland would ever agree that this was enough.

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Off side arm, offside hand, offside finger, this is absolutely and totally ridiculous. Soon they are going to measure nails length with a laser beam to call an offside !

Offside rule in reality is plain and simple, you're ahead of the defensive player when the ball is kicked you're offside. You're behind or in line, you're not. The hell with the hand, arm or whatever.


Qatar vs Ecuador, Argentina vs Saudi , England vs Iran, Tunisia vs Denmark, Tunisia vs France, Croatia vs Belgium, Portugal vs Uruguay, I'm probably missing others.






Exactly same play, opposite officiatings ! :806:  Outrageous penalty against Uruguay, MaFIVar at its best !

Former Premier League referee speaks out on VAR controversies in Qatar World Cup


“But I’m beginning to wonder if this World Cup will be remembered for two things – one, the amount of extra time being played and two, VAR’s inconsistencies. It is staggeringly bad!” Segal. Link

MaFifa uses semiautomatic tech while others use manual Hawk-Eye and give the benefit of the reasonnable doubt to the striker


Last but not least, MaFifa found ways to be able to fix games with a tool designed to prevent it ! :806:


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